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The discography of Superchunk, including studio albums, singles, compilations and Videos.



Title Release Date Label
Superchunk 1990
No Pocky for Kitty 1991
Tossing Seeds (Singles 89–91) 1992 Merge
On the Mouth 1993
Foolish 1994 Merge
Incidental Music 1991-95 1995 Merge
Here's Where the Strings Come In 1995 Merge
Indoor Living 1997 Merge
Come Pick Me Up 1999 Merge
Here's to Shutting Up 2001 Merge
The Clambakes Series Vol. 1 2002 Merge
The Clambakes Series Vol. 2 2002 Merge
Cup of Sand 2003 Merge
The Clambakes Series Vol. 3 2004 Merge
Majesty Shredding 2010 Merge
I Hate Music 2013 Merge

7" Singles and EP's[edit]

Title Track Listing Release Date Label
[as Chunk] "What Do I"
"My Noise"
"Train From Kansas City"
1989 Merge
Slack MotherFucker "Slack Motherfucker"
"Night Creatures"
1989 Merge
Three's Company [with tracks by Geek, and Seaweed] "Garlic" 1990 Merge
Tower "Fishing"
"Train from Kansas City"
"What Do I"
1991 Messiah Complex
Fishing "Fishing"
1991 Merge
The Breadman "The Breadman"
"Cast Iron"
1991 Matador
The Freed Seed "Seed Toss"
"It's So Hard to Fall in Love" (Sebadoh cover)
"Brand New Love" (Sebadoh cover)
"I Believe in Fate" (Sebadoh cover)
1991 Merge
On Paper it Made Perfect Sense "Driveway to Driveway"
"Driveway to Driveway" (Acoustic)
"Seed Toss" (Acoustic)
"Sick to Move" (Acoustic)
"You Cheat Yourself of Everything That Moves" (Live)
"Fishing" (Live)
"The Only Piece That You Get" (Live)
1992 Fellaheen
Mower "Mower"
"On the Mouth"
1992 Merge
Question Is How Fast "Question Is How Fast"
"100,000 Fireflies"
1992 Merge
Ribbon "Ribbon"
"Who Needs Light"
1993 Merge
"Night Of Chill Blue" 1993 Simple Machines
"Precision Auto part 2"
"Precision Auto part 3"
1994 Merge
The First Part "The First Part"
1994 Merge
Driveway to Driveway "Driveway to Driveway"
"Driveway" (Acoustic)
"Sick To Move" (Acoustic)
1994 Merge
One sided 7" incl w/ Speed Kills fanzine #6 "Home At Dawn" 1995 Speed Kills
"Kicked In" (Acoustic) 1995 Honey Bear
Hyper Enough "Hyper Enough"
"Never Too Young To Smoke"
1995 Merge
Watery Hands "Watery Hands"
"With Bells On"
1997 Merge
The Majestic "The Majestic"
1999 Merge
Misfits and Mistakes "Misfits and Mistakes" 2007 Merge
Crossed Wires "Crossed Wires"
"Blinders (Fast Vers.)"
2009 Merge
Digging for Something "Digging for Something"
"February Punk"
2010 Merge
Learned to Surf "Learned to Surf"
"Sunny Brixton"
"Bad Influence" (Neon Christ Cover)
2011 Merge
One Four Seven
This Summer "This Summer"
"Cruel Summer"
2012 Merge
Void b/w Faith "Void"
2013 Merge

CD Singles and EPs[edit]

Title Track Listing Release Date Label
Mower "Mower"
"On The Mouth"
"Fishing" (Live)
1992 Merge
Question is How Fast "Question is How Fast"
"Forged It"
"100,000 Fireflies"
1992 Merge
Hit Self-Destruct "Cadmium"
"Throwing Things" (Acoustic)
"Lying in State"
1992 Hippy Knight Records
The First Part "The First Part"
1994 Merge
Driveway To Driveway "Driveway To Driveway"
"Driveway To Driveway" (Acoustic)
"Seed Toss" (Acoustic)
"Sick To Move" (Acoustic)
1994 Merge
Hyper Enough "Hyper Enough"
"Never Too Young To Smoke"
"Detroit Has A Skyline" (acoustic)
1995 Merge
Superchunk/Guided By Voices 1996 Fellaheen
The Laughter Guns EP "A Small Definition"
"Her Royal Fisticuffs"
"The Mine Has Been Returned to Its Original Owner"
1996 Merge
Watery Hands "Watery Hands"
"Watery Hands" (Wet Wurlitzer mix)
1997 Merge
Hello Hawk "Hello Hawk"
"Sexy Ankles"
"Low Branches" (Acoustic)
"Pink Clouds" (Acoustic)
"Cursed Mirror" (Acoustic)
1999 Merge
1,000 Lbs EP "1,000 Lbs"
"White Noise"
"Scary Monsters"
"1,000 Pounds" (Acoustic)
2000 Merge
Late Century Dream EP "Late Century Dream"
"The Length of Las Ramblas"
"Becoming a Speck"
"Florida's on Fire" (Acoustic demo)
2001 Merge
Art Class EP "Art Class (Song for Yayoi Kusama)"
"The Hot Break"
"A Collection of Accounts"
"Art Class" (Acoustic)
2001 Merge
Leaves in the Gutter EP "Learned to Surf"
"Misfits and Mistakes"
"Screw it Up"
"Knock Knock Knock"
"Learned to Surf" (Acoustic Demo)
2009 Merge

Digital singles[edit]

Title Track Listing Release Date Label
Digging for Something "Digging for Something"
"February Punk"
"Digging for Something" (Acoustic Demo)
2010 Merge
Crossed Wires "Crossed Wires" (Single Version)
"Blinders" (Fast Version)
"Crossed Wires" (Acoustic Demo)
2011 Merge


Compilation/Soundtrack Track Listing Release Date Label
Throw "Skip Steps 1&3" 1991 Yo-Yo
Pyloric Waves "Invitation" 1991 D-Tox
Teriyaki Asthma "I'll Be Your Sister" 1992 C/Z
Fortune Cookie Prize "Nancy Sin" 1992 Simple Machines
Freedom Of Choice "Girl U Want" 1992 Tannis Root
Incline Plane "Baxter" 1993 Simple Machines
Dope Guns 'n Fucking in the Streets Vol. 8 7" "Basement Life" 1993 Amphetamine Reptile
The Machines: Simple Machines 7"s (1990-1993) "Baxter" 1994 Simple Machines
Working Holiday! "From The Curve" 1994 Simple Machines
Rows Of Teeth "Dance Lessons" 1994 Merge
Jerky Boys "Shallow End" 1995 Atlantic
Suburbia "Does Your Hometown Care" 1996 DGC
Lounge Ax Defense Fund "Fader Rules" 1996 Touch & Go
Laugh Hard At The Absurdly Evil "Hyper Enough" 1996 X-Wing Recordings


Title Director
Cast Iron Alan Hervey
Throwing Things Jesse Peretz
Mower Norwood Cheek
Fishing Phil Morrison
Precision Auto Norwood Cheek
Untied Phil Morrison
Package Thief Peyton Reed
The First Part Phil Morrison and Peyton Reed
Driveway to Driveway Peyton Reed and Phil Morrison
Hyper Enough Norwood Cheek
Watery Hands Phil Morrison
Digging for Something Scott Jacobson
Crossed Wires Whitey McConnaughy