Supercopa de España de Baloncesto

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Spanish Basketball Supercup
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event Supercopa de España de Baloncesto 2014
Supercopa endesa.png
Sport Basketball
Founded 1984 (FEB)
2004 (ACB)
Inaugural season 1984–85
No. of teams 4
Country Spain Spain
Continent European Union Europe
Most recent champion(s) Real Madrid
(4th title)
Most titles FC Barcelona
(5 titles)
Related competitions ACB League
Spanish King's Cup

The Supercopa de España de Baloncesto (English: Spanish Supercup of Basketball) is a Spanish annual men's professional basketball competition. The competition is a super cup tournament.


Teams that take part in this competition are:

  1. Host team
  2. Liga ACB champion
    1. If both teams coincide, the vacant will go to the ACB runner-up
  3. Copa del Rey champion
    1. If at this point there is a vacant, the runner-up will get the spot; if the vacant continues existing, the best qualified team at Liga ACB will join the competition.
  4. Best qualified team in European competitions.
    1. Euroleague champion
    2. Eurocup champion
    3. Euroleague runner-up
    4. Eurocup runner-up
    5. If the vacant persists, the best qualified at Liga ACB will get the spot.

Winners by season[edit]

In the 80s[edit]

From 1984 to 1988, the Supercopa was played between the winner of the Liga ACB and the winner of the Copa del Rey before the season. It existed during four years.

Season Host Champion Runner-up Score
1984–85 Alcora Real Madrid CB Zaragoza 101–61
1985–86 Valladolid Joventut Real Madrid 104–91
1986–87 A Coruña Joventut Real Madrid 74–67
1987–88 Vigo FC Barcelona Joventut 91–88

Actual trophy[edit]

Season Host Venue Champion Score Runner-up MVP
2004 Málaga Martín Carpena FC Barcelona 76–75 Real Madrid Serbia and Montenegro Dejan Bodiroga
2005 Granada Palacio de Deportes TAU Cerámica 61–55 CB Granada Brazil Tiago Splitter
2006 Málaga Martín Carpena TAU Cerámica 83–78 Unicaja Málaga Argentina Luis Scola
2007 Bilbao Bizkaia Arena TAU Cerámica 85–73 Bilbao Basket Brazil Tiago Splitter
2008 Zaragoza Príncipe Felipe TAU Cerámica 86–85 CAI Zaragoza Argentina Pablo Prigioni
2009 Las Palmas Centro Insular de Deportes Regal FC Barcelona 86–82 Real Madrid Spain Juan Carlos Navarro
2010 Vitoria-Gasteiz Fernando Buesa Arena Regal FC Barcelona 83–63 Valencia BC Spain Juan Carlos Navarro
2011 Bilbao Bilbao Arena FC Barcelona Regal 82–73 Caja Laboral Spain Juan Carlos Navarro
2012 Zaragoza Príncipe Felipe Real Madrid 95–84 FC Barcelona Regal Spain Rudy Fernández
2013 Vitoria-Gasteiz Fernando Buesa Arena Real Madrid 83–79 FC Barcelona Spain Sergio Rodríguez
2014 Vitoria-Gasteiz Fernando Buesa Arena Real Madrid 99–78 FC Barcelona Spain Sergio Llull
2015 Málaga Martín Carpena

Titles by team[edit]

Team Winners Runners-up Winning Years
FC Barcelona 5 3 1987, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2011.
Real Madrid 4 4 1985 (1), 2012, 2013, 2014.
Baskonia 4 1 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.
Joventut 2 1 1985 (2), 1986.
Zaragoza 0 1
Granada 0 1
Málaga 0 1
Bilbao Basket 0 1
CAI Zaragoza 0 1
Valencia 0 1

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