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Jump to: navigation, search is an alternative pornography or alt-porn website, started by Chase Lisbon in early 2001. Lisbon took his psedudonym from the 1993 Jeffrey Eugenides' novel The Virgin Suicides.[1]

Concept and launch[edit]

Chase Lisbon started the site with little knowledge of web design or photography, and originally featured a small group of models- mostly friends and acquaintances. Lisbon's concept of artfully done photographs of amateur models, some with piercings and tattoos, diverged from the typical porn sites of the time. Supercult's female-friendly and "hipster" aesthetic quickly caught on, and sites such as Suicide Girls and Burning Angel launched shortly after. Early photo sets on Supercult featured models in their own bedrooms with their own clothing and props. Some sets focused around a theme which was often humorous, such as models posing with Star Wars figures and Memorabilia, or dressed as a (sexy) French mime. [2]


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