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Shatabdi Superfast Express LHB coaches at Mysore Station
No.12695 Chennai-Trivandrum SF arriving at Platform No.1 in Kollam Junction Railway Station
LHB Coaches of Rajdhani Superfast Express

Superfast Mail/Express trains are express rail services of the Indian Railways. They make few stops, unlike other Mail/Express trains, achieving somewhat shorter journey times. Tickets cost more than Mail/Express rates. As of 2015, 450 pairs of Superfast trains ran on the Indian Railways. The 12908/Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express (NZM/Hazrat Nizamuddin - BDTS/Bandra Terminus) is the fastest non-Shatabdi, non-Rajdhani Mail/Express train in India.

In some cases, trains run Superfast where there is an overlapping Mail/Express service available, and run regular Mail/Express trains where there is no supplementary Mail/Express service.

Trains with an average speed, excluding halts, equalling or exceeding 55 kilometres per hour (34 mph) (60 kilometres per hour (37 mph) until the early 1990s) on both up and down journeys fall into the Superfast category and are numbered with a prefix of 12 or 22 or 20 (previously 2). Including halts (both revenue and scheduled technical halts) the average speed often is below 55 km/h.

Increased stops for various reasons led to a significant reduction in average speed of many trains, despite improvements in track and haulage.


Regular Superfast Express[edit]

Bhopal Garibrath Express is a Superfast Train
Deccan Queen Superfast Express at Pune
Coromandal Express halted at Kharagpur Junction
Janmabhoomi Superfast Express at Secunderabad
GT Superfast Express near Bhopal Habibganj
Goutami Superfast Express at Moulali, Andhra Pradesh

These Superfast trains have been Superfast since their inauguration and have not deteriorated till now. These Superfast services maintain an average speed throughout their route and often have the best Rake/Loco Combination.

List of Daily Overnight Superfast Express Trains[edit]

  1. Tamil Nadu Express
  2. Kerala Express
  3. Karnataka Express
  4. Telangana Express
  5. Goa Express
  6. Grand Trunk Express
  7. Thiruvananthapuram Mail
  8. Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram Superfast Express
  9. Bihar Sampark Kranti Superfast Express
  10. Mangala Lakshadweep Express
  11. Punjab Mail
  12. Malwa Express
  13. Shaan-e-Bhopal Express
  14. Jaipur Superfast Express
  15. Swatantra Sainani Superfast Express
  16. Uttar Sampark Kranti Express
  17. Jabalpur–Indore Overnight Express
  18. Prayagraj Express
  19. Kutch Express
  20. Suryanagri Express
  21. Saurashtra Mail
  22. Gujarat Mail
  23. Lucknow Mail
  24. Patliputra Express
  25. Sampoorna Kranti Express
  26. Shram Shakti Express
  27. Magadh Express
  28. Vikramshila Express
  29. Mahakoshal Express
  30. Pandian Express
  31. Nellai Express
  32. Kanyakumari Express
  33. Pothigai Express
  34. Cheran Express
  35. Sethu Express
  36. Pearl City Express
  37. Chennai - Bengaluru Mail
  38. Mangalore Mail
  39. Mangaluru-Chennai Superfast Express
  40. West Coast Express
  41. Alleppey Express
  42. Palani Express
  43. Nilgiri Express
  44. Yercaud Express
  45. Rockfort Express
  46. Navjivan Express
  47. Sanghamithra Express
  48. Vibhuti Express
  49. Avantika Express
  50. Rewanchal Express
  51. Hazrat Nizamuddin – Jabalpur Express
  52. Dayodaya Express
  53. Mewar Express
  54. Golden Temple Mail
  55. Vidarbha Express
  56. Sewagram Express
  57. Saraighat Express
  58. Lok Shakti Express
  59. Vaishali Express
  60. Prayagraj Express
  61. Andhra Pradesh Express
  62. Godavari Express
  63. Goutami Express
  64. Machilipatnam Express
  65. Simhapuri Express
  66. Narayanadri Express
  67. Venkatadri Express
  68. Paschim Express
  69. Sachkhand Express
  70. Dakshin Express
  71. Manikarnika Express
  72. Matsyagandha Express
  73. Charminar Express
  74. Hyderabad Express
  75. Kacheguda - Bengaluru City Superfast Express
  76. Howrah Puri Express
  77. Purushottam Express
  78. Howrah Chennai Mail
  79. Howrah Mumbai Mail (via Nagpur)
  80. Imperial Indian Mail (Howrah Mumbai Mail via Allahabad)
  81. Hussainsagar Express
  82. Dadar Chennai Egmore Express
  83. Coromandal Express
  84. Kalka Mail
  85. Darjeeling Mail
  86. Padatik Express
  87. North East Express
  88. Amarkantak Express
  89. Pushpak Express
  90. Poorva Express
  91. Shramjeevi Superfast Express
  92. Kaifiyat Express
  93. Sapt Kranti Express
  94. Shridham Express
  95. Mahabodhi Express
  96. Gitanjali Express
  97. Bandra Terminus Bhavnagar Terminus Express
  98. Falaknuma Express
  99. Azad Hind Express
  100. Howrah - Yesvantpur Superfast Express
  101. Howrah Jodhpur Express
  102. Ajmer Sealdah Superfast Express
  103. Ajmer Jammu Express
  104. Delhi Sarai Rohilla Sri Ganganagar Superfast Express
  105. Delhi Sarai Rohilla - Bikaner Superfast Express
  106. Kota - Shri Ganganagar Superfast Express
  107. Allahabad Jaipur Express
  108. Vadodara Express
  109. Mandore Express
  110. Howrah Ahmedabad Superfast Express
  111. AhmedabadAgra Fort Superfast Express
  112. Ashram Express
  113. Begampura Express
  114. Gorakhpur Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Superfast Express
  115. Gorakhdham Express
  116. Amravati - Jabalpur Superfast Express
  117. Mumbai CST - Mangaluru Junction SF Express
  118. Anandwan Express

Non-Stop Superfast Routes[edit]

These Superfast express are not Duronto Expresses, but, like Duronto Expresses, have no intermediate commercial stops and serve as a non-stop connection between the source and the destination station.

There are four of this type:

  1. Indore - Bhopal Non-Stop Express between Indore Junction and Bhopal Junction
  2. Shram Shakti Express runs between Kanpur Central and New Delhi : No Technical or Commercial Stops
  3. Sampoorna Kranti Express runs between Patna and New Delhi : 2 Technical Stops (Mughalsarai and Kanpur Central)
  4. Vikramshila Express runs between Bhagalpur and New Delhi : 2 Technical Stops after PNBE (Mughalsarai and Kanpur Central)

Intercity Superfast Routes[edit]

These superfast trains connect two major nearby cities serving commuters and MST Ticket holders. These act as long-distance reserved suburban trains with sitting accommodation. These are quite fast and maintain a high average speed for short distances along with priority over other trains. Some famous Intercity Superfast trains are as follows:

  1. Indore–Hazrat Nizamuddin Express/ Indore - Bhopal Intercity Express/ Indore–Gwalior Intercity Express/ Indore–Jabalpur Intercity Express/ Indore–Rewa Intercity Express/ Bhopal–Indore Intercity Express/ Bhopal–Gwalior Intercity Express/ Bhopal–Jabalpur Intercity Express/ Bhopal–Damoh Intercity Express/ Jabalpur–Rewa Intercity Express/* Tiruchirappalli – Tirunelveli Intercity Express
  2. Deccan Queen/Flying Rani Express/Panchvati Express
  3. Gomti Express/Taj Express/Shan-e-Punjab Express/Indrayani Express/Indore Express / Indore–Jodhpur Intercity Express
  4. Tamralipta Express/Lal Bagh Express/Brindavan Express/Karnavati Express
  5. Pinakini Express/Ratnachal Express/Satavahana Express/Kovai Express/Pragati Express/Vaigai Express/Pallavan Express
  6. Jaipur Indore SF Express/Ranthambore Express/Coimbatore–Mangalore Intercity Superfast Express

Upgraded Superfast Routes[edit]

These Superfast trains were regular Mail/Express trains when inaugurated but have been upgraded to Superfast with time maintenance of 55 km/h (34 mph). Most Overnight Expresses come under this class. Some are as follows:

  1. Howrah Chennai Mail
  2. Thiruvananthapuram Mail
  3. Charminar Express
  4. Lucknow Mail
  5. Kaifiyat Express
  6. Navjivan Express
  7. Pushpak Express
  8. Avantika Express
  9. Indore–Pune Superfast Express
  10. Malwa Express
  11. Mahakoshal Express
  12. Dakshin Express
  13. Secunderabad Patna Express
  14. Agniveena Express
  15. Coalfield Express
  16. Shantiniketan Express
  17. Dhauli Express
  18. Danapur Express
  19. Jodhpur Express
  20. Mumbai Mail
  21. Neelachal Express
  22. Asansol Intercity Express
  23. Vibhuti Express
  24. Darjeeling Mail
  25. North East Express
  26. Hool SF Express
  27. Sethu Express

Reinstated Superfast Routes[edit]

These Superfast trains were Superfast when inaugurated and were demoted to the regular Mail/Express category, but have subsequently been regraded as Superfast as a result of their increased speed. Some are as follows:

  1. Punjab Mail
  2. Himgiri Express


  • Berth:
  1. AC First Class (1A): Lockable Cabin - Coupe (for 2) and Compartment (for 4)
  2. Non-AC First Class (FC): Lockable Cabin - Coupe (for 2) and Compartment (for 4)
  3. AC II Tier (2A): Non Cabin - Compartment (for 4) and Bay (for 2)
  4. AC III Tier (3A): Non Cabin - Compartment (for 6) and Bay (for 2)
  5. III Tier Sleeper (SL): Non Cabin - Compartment (for 6) and Bay (for 2)
  6. Unreserved
  • Sitting:
  1. AC First Class (1ACC): Sitting Push-back Chairs (2×2)
  2. Non-AC First Class (FC): Sitting Push-back Chairs (2×2)
  3. AC Chair Car (CC): Sitting Push-back Chairs (3×2)
  4. Reserved II Sitting (2S): Sitting Non-Push-back Chairs (3×3)
  5. Unreserved II Sitting

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