Superficial perineal pouch

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Superficial perineal pouch
Coronal section of anterior part of male pelvis, through the pubic arch. Seen from in front. (Superficial perineal pouch is white outline at bottom.)
1116 Muscle of the Male Perineum.png
Muscles of male perineum.
Arterybranches of internal pudendal artery
Veinbranches of internal pudendal veins
Nervebranches of perineal nerve
Lymphsuperficial inguinal lymph nodes
Latincompartimentum superficiale perinei
Anatomical terminology

The superficial perineal pouch (also superficial perineal compartment/space/sac) is a compartment of the perineum.


The superficial perineal pouch is an open compartment, due to the fact that anteriorly, the space communicates freely with the potential space lying between the superficial fascia of the anterior abdominal wall and the anterior abdominal muscles:


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