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Superfudge book cover.jpg
First edition
AuthorJudy Blume
Cover artistRoy Doty
CountryUnited States
SeriesFudge Series
GenreChildren's novel
PublisherE. P. Dutton
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
LC ClassPZ7.B6265 Su 1980
Preceded byOtherwise Known as Sheila the Great 
Followed byFudge-A-Mania 

Superfudge is a children's novel by Judy Blume, published in 1980. It is the sequel to Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. This is the second in the Fudge Series.


The Hatcher family temporarily moves from New York City to Princeton. Fudge is extremely jealous of his new baby sister, Tamara, who earns the nickname "Tootsie" from her mother's cute-speak and Grandma's favorite old song. Peter deals with the fallout from Fudge's various problems, which include a spat with his teacher who refuses to use the name "Fudge", antics trying to get rid of Tootsie, and his constant desire to involve himself in Peter's activities, especially with Peter's new friend, Alex Santo. In the end, the Hatchers decide to move back to New York City, a decision punctuated by Tootsie's first word which she learns while undergoing a diaper change.


Chapter 1: Guess What Peter= Peter and his brother Fudge find out that they're going to have a new baby sister.

Chapter 2: Cutchie, Cutchie Coo= Peter and Fudge's baby sister, Tootsie is born, and Fudge hates her.

Chapter 3: Another Something Wonderful= Peter and Fudge learn that they'll be moving to Princeton for a year, and that Peter will be in sixth grade in the same school where Fudge will be in Kindergarten

Chapter 4: Off The Wall= Fudge puts lots of stamps on Tootsie

Chapter 5: Small Ones Are Sweeter= In Princeton, Peter and his new friend Alex Santo dig for worms and give it to the elderly lady Mrs. Muldour

Chapter 6: Farley Drexel Meets Ratface= On the first day of the school, Fudge has problems with his teacher Mrs. Hildebrandt

Chapter 7: A Very Cultured Bird= Fudge gets a pet myna bird named Uncle Feather

Chapter 8: Naturally Fortified: Peter, Fudge, and Alex go trick or treating for Halloween, and they meet Mrs. Muldour's daughter Beverly

Chapter 9: Superfudge= Peter, Jimmy, and Alex take Fudge and his friend Daniel Manheim to the movies to see Superman

Chapter 10: Santa Who= The situation that happened in Christmas.

Chapter 11: Catastrophe= Many mishaps happen for Peter and Fudge, even when a famous author comes to school

Chapter 12: Tootsie Speaks Out: When the Hatchers decide to move back to New York, Tootsie says her first word


Peter Hatcher- the main protagonist, who's not happy about his mother being pregnant, and about moving to Princeton

Fudge Hatcher- Peter's four-year-old brother, who's jealous of their new baby sister Tootsie, and starts Kindergarten.

Tootsie Hatcher- Peter and Fudge's baby sister, whom Fudge hates at first, but gets used to her later.

Anne Hatcher- Peter's mother, who takes care of Tootsie and studies art history

Warren Hatcher- Peter's father, who takes the year off the agency to write a book

Jimmy Fargo- Peter's best friend, who's upset about Peter moving to Princeton, but visits him a lot. His parents are divorced, and he wants his dad to meet the art dealer Beverly Muldour

Alex Santo- Peter's new friend in Princeton, who digs worms for the elderly lady Mrs. Muldour

Daniel Manheim- Fudgs new friend, who's a bird expert, and is six years old and has a tough guy line called "You wanna make somethin' of it"



A television series based on Superfudge entitled Fudge ran from 1995–1997. " Fudge Meets Ratface" was one of the episodes based on Chapter 6 of Superfudge", which was called" Farley Drexel Meets Ratface". Another episode was based on Chapter 7: A Very Cultured Bird, called " Uncle Feather".

Mentioned in King of the Hill S13E23 - "When Joseph Met Lori and Made Out with Her in the Janitor s Closet".

Mentioned in Family Guy S4E17 - "The Fat Guy Strangler".

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