Superintendent of police (India)

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Insignia of an Indian Police Service officer with rank of Superintendent of Police

In India, a District Superintendent of Police (SP) or Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) heads the police force of a district. Superintendents of Police are officers of the Indian Police Service. They are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining law and order and related issues of a district of a state or a union territory of India. They are assisted by the officers of the State Police Service and other State Police officials. Their rank badge is the State Emblem above one star, although those selected for higher rank or with fifteen or more years' service wear the State Emblem above two stars. The rank below it is Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADL.DCP) or Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP), while the rank above it is Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) or Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP). The rank of superintendent of police is equivalent to the rank of lieutenant colonel by bachment but actually they are equal to a major of the Indian army.

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