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Superior Air Parts, Incorporated
Private company
Industry Aerospace
Founded 1967
Headquarters Coppell, Texas, United States
Key people
CEO: Tim Archer
Products Aircraft engines and parts
Owner Superior Aviation Beijing

Superior Air Parts, Inc. is a manufacturer of aviation piston engine replacement parts, headquartered in Coppell, Texas, United States and owned by the Chinese company Superior Aviation Beijing, a holding company partially owned by Beijing E-Town, an economic development agency of the municipal government of Beijing.

Superior XP360 Engine

Superior air parts started as a manufacturer of valve guides in 1967. The company branched out into FAA/PMA approved parts for general aviation aircraft. The company manufactures replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. The cylinder assemblies use newer cylinder head alloys and fully hardened cylinder liners.[1] Most of the company's production is outsourced, with Superior ensuring that the parts meet their engineering and testing standards.[2] In 2008, Superior Air Parts parent company Thielert declared bankruptcy. Superior was sold to Superior Aviation Beijing (Qingdao Brantly Investment Group and Beijing Suyoupeirui Company).

At AirVenture 2012 CEO Tim Archer announced that the company was recovering from its bankruptcy and that the Chinese investment had been critical in that turn around. The company was at that time able to ship almost 90% of parts in its catalog and was training Chinese technicians in Vantage engine production for the Asian market.[3]


Summary of engines built by Superior Air Parts
Model name First run Number built Type
Superior Air Parts Vantage Four cylinder, horizontally-opposed, air-cooled aircraft engine
Superior Air Parts XP-360 Four cylinder, horizontally-opposed, air-cooled aircraft engine


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