Superior Soldiers

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Superior Soldiers
North American arcade flyer
Developer(s) Irem
Publisher(s) Irem
Platform(s) Arcade
Release December 1993
Genre(s) 2D Versus Fighting
Mode(s) Up to 2 players simultaneously
Arcade system Irem M-92G System hardware

Superior Soldiers, known in Japan as Perfect Soldiers (パーフェクトソルジャーズ), is a 1993 fighting arcade game developed and published by Irem. It was created during the fighting game trend of the 1990s that began with Capcom's Street Fighter II. Several graphic designers of this and several other Irem titles later moved to Nazca, and designed the graphics of the Metal Slug and The King of Fighters franchises for SNK.


There are eight fighters in the game.

  • United StatesStar Savior (スターセイバー) (known outside Japan as Starsaber; however the back of the North American arcade flyer spells his name as Star Sabor.) - The protagonist character of the game.
  • Saudi ArabiaArabian Moon (アラビアンムーン) - A female fighter dressed as a scantily-clad dancer.
  • UkraineMeltdown (メルトダウン) - A nuclear human remodeled with built-in battery.
  • BrazilBroadway (ブロードウェイ) (known outside Japan as Cattydox) - A female strip dancer.
  • JapanBushidoh (ブシドー) (known outside Japan as Busido) - An armoured male samurai.
  • BrazilDinosaur (ダイナゾア) (known outside Japan as Reptilian) - The dinosaur with a personality that isn't violent.
  • United StatesEvil Talon (エビルタローン) (known outside Japan as Satinsect) - A mutant that has been turned into a human-consuming demon.
  •  Seleous (セレウス) (known in North America as Skull Reaper) - The antagonist of the game.

Regional differences[edit]

Besides the names of several characters, the North American version, Superior Soldiers lacks other things that are seen in the Japanese version, Perfect Soldiers. The Japanese version has an announcer shouting the name of the game at the title screen, as well as names of "who VS. who" at the VS. screens in Engrish. However, the well-known "Winners Don't Use Drugs" screen and new color graphics were added to the North American version.

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