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Superland, 2013
LocationRishon LeZion, Israel
OwnerEntertainment Town Ltd.
Opened1991 (1991)
Roller coasters2
Water rides2

Coordinates: 31°58′42″N 34°44′38″E / 31.97833°N 34.74389°E / 31.97833; 34.74389

Superland is an amusement park in Rishon LeZion, Israel. Superland covers an area of 94 acres (38 ha) and has three roller coasters, three wet and dry facilities, a cablecar, and a bungee jumping "Skycoastr."

Superland opened to the public in 1991 and is one of the main amusement parks in Israel, along with Luna Park, Tel Aviv and Zapari Birds park in Tel Aviv.

There has been recent controversy over an alleged policy of separating days when Jewish vs. Arab schools could have trips to the facility. Superland claims this was done at the request of the schools themselves (on both the Jewish and Arab sides) but both Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs have criticized that the park should have rejected such requests. [1]


Roller coasters[edit]

Ride Name Picture Opened Manufacturer Model/Type Notes
Kumba[1] RLZ Superland - SLC 689m Kumba Roller Coaster 02.JPG June 16, 2001 Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster 689m Standard The tallest, fastest, longest roller coaster in Israel. Also the most invertions in a roller coaster in Israel.
Kids' Roller Coaster[2] May 2009 Zamperla Family Gravity Coaster 80STD The first kids' roller coaster in Israel.

Flat rides[edit]

Ride Name Picture Opened Type/Manufacturer Notes
Ferris Wheel RLZ Superland Ferris wheel 03.JPG Ferris wheel The Ferris Wheel was closed and dismantled in 2015 for renovation and painting. It was assembled and reopened to the public in 2016.
Falls of Horror Log flume - Zamperla
Congo River Rapids - Intamin
Traum Boot RLZ Superland Pirate ship 01.JPG 1991 Inverted Swinging Ship - HUSS It operated at Luna Park, Tel Aviv until the opening of the Superland in 1991.
Skycoaster RLZ Superland Skycoaster 01.JPG Skycoaster - Ride Entertainment Group
Grand Canyon SuperlandPI.JPG Super Nova - Mondial
Rocket Telecombat - Zamperla
Bumper cars Bumper cars - Zamperla
Mini Bumper cars Mini Bumper cars - Zamperla
Swans in the lake Superland amusement park (13056140805).jpg
Tea Cups Mini Tea Cup - Zamperla
Musical Carousel Merry Go Round - Zamperla
Chain carousel SuperlandPK.JPG
Samba Balloon 2009 Balloon Race - Zamperla
lighthouse 2009 Zamperla
Rocking Tug 2009 Rocking Tug - Zamperla
Aerial tramway Superland amusement park (13056269623).jpg Aerial tramway It operated at Luna Park, Tel Aviv in the 1990s.
Planes Ride Relocated from Luna Park, Tel Aviv

Former attractions[edit]

Ride Year Opened Year Closed Description
Loop 2000[3] 1991 2013 Pinfari - ZL42

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