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Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
Two-Disc Special Edition DVD cover art
Directed by Lauren Montgomery
Produced by Bruce Timm
Alan Burnett
Bobbi Page
Lauren Montgomery
Sam Register
Benjamin Melniker
Michael Uslan
Written by Tab Murphy
Starring Kevin Conroy
Tim Daly
Summer Glau
Andre Braugher
Edward Asner
Susan Eisenberg
Julianne Grossman
Rachel Quaintance
Music by John Paesano
Distributed by Warner Home Video
Release date
  • September 28, 2010 (2010-09-28)
Running time
78 minutes
Language English
Box office $7,937,311[1]

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is a 2010 direct-to-video animated superhero film based on the Superman/Batman comic storyline "The Supergirl from Krypton" and is a sequel to Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. The art style is partly based on that of Michael Turner, who penciled the Superman/Batman comic book arc. The film is the ninth in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line released by Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Animation and the first sequel in the line. It was released on September 28, 2010. The film stars Andre Braugher, Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly and Summer Glau. Despite the title, the film focuses primarily on the introduction of Supergirl and her relationship with Superman. Batman plays a supporting role.

The two-disc special edition and Blu-ray also includes an animated short featuring Green Arrow.[2]


Weeks after the events that led to Lex Luthor's arrest, the impeachment of his presidency, and Batman's success in saving the world from the impact of an arriving meteor, a spaceship lands in Gotham City Harbor. While Batman investigates the sunken craft, a young girl with no knowledge of English or any other human languages emerges from the water naked and accidentally crashes Batman's boat. As the girl progresses into the city, she accidentally causes all sorts of havoc with her Kryptonian-like powers until Superman arrives to give a hand and the Dark Knight exposes her to a piece of Kryptonite.

With Superman's help, they discover that the girl is Kara Zor-El, the niece of Jor-El and Superman's biological cousin. While Superman welcomes Kara, teaches her English, and helps her adjust to Earth society, Batman remains suspicious. Tipped off by Batman, Wonder Woman and Lyla ambush Clark Kent and Kara in a park and take Kara to Themyscira, on the basis that only there can she learn to control her powers. Superman reluctantly agrees, but still prefers to watch to Kara himself.

Meanwhile, on the planet Apokolips, Darkseid learns of Kara's presence on Earth, and orders Granny Goodness to have her brought to Apokolips as a possible candidate to lead the Female Furies since the departure of Big Barda and the warrior Treasure being a failed candidate.

Two months later, Batman and Superman are checking on Kara on Themyscira during a sparring match against Artemis. While Kara and Lyla later sneak away for a swim, a horde of Doomsday clones arrive from Apokolips. Superman, Wonder Woman and the Amazonian army fight them for a while until Superman vaporizes all of them with his heat vision. Batman, however, guesses the reason for the clones' attack and discovers Kara missing and Lyla dead; a last manifestation of her precognition reveals Darkseid as the culprit.

To save Kara, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman locate and recruit Big Barda to help them find their way on Apokolips. Once there, Superman tears his way to Darkseid's palace while Wonder Woman and Barda go through the sewers directly into the fighting arena, where Granny Goodness and the Female Furies ambush them. After a hard fight, Granny and the Furies are subdued. Separating himself from the others, Batman finds Darkseid's entire supply of Hell Spores, the source of the fire pits on Apokolips.

Superman encounters Darkseid, who sets the brainwashed Kara on him. Kara pummels Superman while Darkseid watches, until Batman confronts Darkseid and informs him that he has activated the Hell Spores, which will destroy Apokolips. He issues Darkseid an ultimatum: free Kara and promise to leave her alone, and Batman will deactivate the Spores. Acknowledging that Batman has caught him in a checkmate, Darkseid relents. Superman manages to defeat Kara, and Barda and Wonder Woman present Darkseid with the subdued Granny. Defeated, Darkseid allows them to leave Apokolips.

Back on Earth, with their lives apparently normal again, Clark decides to take Kara to meet his adoptive parents in Smallville. However, Darkseid, who was waiting to kill Superman, ambushes them: he had promised to leave Kara alone, but not Superman or Earth. Darkseid almost kills Superman with his Omega Beams before Kara takes the blast. Superman attempts to fight, and is grabbed by the throat and attempts to use his heat vision and the full power of the heat vision doesn't hurt Darkseid, but is nearly killed by Darkseid, who easily punches Superman into space; this leaves Kara to face the tyrant herself. A lengthy battle ensues, in which Kara puts up a respectable fight, she hits Darkseid with his own omega beams, her own laser vision, and stomping on him continuously, Darkseid keeps coming back up without a scratch. Darkseid hits her with his omega beams through the battle, easily damaging her. Darkseid easily overpowers her. Superman recovers and returns to Earth to confront Darkseid again. Superman does the same thing trying to hurt Darkseid who keeps getting back up and mauling him. Superman pounds Darkseid at super-speed, with a combination of heat vision. Darkseid grabs Superman who isn't injured by such an attack and begins attacking him with Omega Beams. Kara uses Darkseid's Mother Box to activate a Boom Tube behind Darkseid, and Superman uses the momentary distraction to his advantage and pushes Darkseid through. While Superman anticipates Darkseid's eventual return from Apokolips, Kara informs him that she changed the coordinates to a random spot in space, leaving Darkseid floating, helplessly frozen.

Having saved her cousin's life and found her place on Earth, Kara decides to use her powers to fight for altruism under the alias of Supergirl. She is met with applause by Wonder Woman, the Amazons, and, finally, Batman. Superman and Supergirl then fly off to Metropolis.


Notably, Daly, Conroy, Eisenberg and Asner all reprise their respective roles of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Granny Goodness from the DC Animated Universe.


The World's Finest said that it was "not something I'll be coming back to any time soon," and specifically targeted Andre Braugher's performance of Darkseid as lacking in any presence.[3] Batman-on-Film gave the movie a D, the lowest grade they have given to a DC animated film.[4]

IGN gives the film a positive review with a score of 8 out of 10. The reviewer forgives the misleading title, recognising the story is all about "Supergirl of Krypton" and once you know what you're in for the story is not bad. Glau is praised for giving depth to what could have come across as whiny teenager, and her story is a complete journey but unfortunately the other characters are not given much to do.[5]

Home media [edit]

Released direct-to-video, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse took in $2,622,752 in its first week and has earned $7,892,515.[1] The Blu-ray presentation received an overall score of 8 out of 10 from IGN.[5]


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