Superman: The Man of Tomorrow

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Superman: The Man of Tomorrow
Cover of Superman: high The Man of Tomorrow #1 (Summer 1995) by Tom Grummett and Brett Breeding.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule Quarterly
Publication date 1995 – 1999
Number of issues 16
Main character(s) Superman
Creative team
Writer(s) Roger Stern, #1-10
Louise Simonson, #11-14
J.M. DeMatteis, #15
Mark Schultz, #1,000,000
Penciller(s) Tom Grummett, #1-5
Paul Ryan, #6-14
Ryan Sook, #15
Georges Jeanty, #1,000,000
Inker(s) Brett Breeding, #1-11
Josef Rubinstein, #12
Dennis Janke, #13-14
Jeff Gan, #15
Denis Rodier, #1,000,000

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow (MOT) is the title of a comic book series published by DC Comics that ran for 16 issues from 1995 to 1999, featuring the adventures of Superman.[1] At the time, the four Superman titles (Action Comics, The Adventures of Superman, Superman, and Superman: The Man of Steel) were released weekly with an intertwining story. The Man of Tomorrow title was created to fill the extra week in months with five weeks.[2] At about this time, however, DC began its fifth week events, disrupting the schedule of The Man of Tomorrow, and it was subsequently canceled with issue #15.

Issue #1,000,000 of the series was a part of the "DC One Million" storyline, which was a top vote-getter for the Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award for Favorite Story for 1999.

Key issues[edit]



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