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Song by Lazlo Bane from the album All the Time in the World
Released 25 July 2000
Genre Alternative rock
Length 3:43 (Album Version)
3:38 (Soundtrack Version)
Writer(s) Chad Fischer, Chris Link, Tim Bright[1]
Producer(s) Chad Fischer

Superman” is a song by the American band Lazlo Bane, from their album All the Time in the World. It is most noted for being the theme song to the American TV series Scrubs.

Background and Release[edit]

"Superman" was first released on the soundtrack album for the film The Tao of Steve in 2000,[2][3] a year prior to its first appearance in Scrubs, though it was not featured in the film itself.[4]

Zach Braff, the star of Scrubs, was impressed by the song and suggested the use of the song as the theme to executive producer Bill Lawrence.[5] Scrubs proved to be successful and "Superman" was issued as a promotional single, though no official retail release was made.

In September 2002 the song was released both on Lazlo Bane's second album All the Time in the World and on the first Scrubs' soundtrack.

The soundtrack version of "Superman", both Scrubs' and The Tao Of Steve's, omits the intro count-in which is present on the album All the Time in the World.

"Superman" samples the drum track of "Impeach The President" by '70s soul group The Honey Drippers.[6]

Music video[edit]

Zach Braff directed the song's music video.[7] It shows behind-the-scenes footage from the Scrubs set and features several of the show's cast members, including Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke and Ken Jenkins. The video was filmed at the abandoned North Hollywood Medical Center, which doubles as the show's location Sacred Heart Hospital.

A small video productions company, Clay Cow Productions, made their own music video for the song,[8] which was praised by Chad Fischer. The video illustrates the lyrics of the song with plasticine characters and set.


Chad Fischer, Tim Bright and Chris Link as composers of "Superman" along with Scrubs’ composer Jan Stevens won BMI TV Music Award of 2003[9] and 2004[10] for the shows theme song and music.

Cover versions[edit]

The song was covered by The Blanks, who played members of Ted's Band, The Worthless Peons, on Scrubs. Their version was featured as the outro to the final episode of the eighth season, "My Finale", during the run of the blooper reel. It also opens the band's album Riding the Wave.

"Superman" was also covered by American singer-songwriter WAZ.[11] This version was used as a theme song for the ninth season of Scrubs.


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