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Superman (also known as Clark Kent and Kal-El) is a DC comic book superhero.

Superman may also refer to:

Comic books and related media[edit]

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  • Superman (Nietzsche) or Übermensch, a concept of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche
  • "Superman" (Pali: uttama-puriso) is occasionally used in early Buddhist scriptures to refer to a Tathāgata

Roller coasters[edit]


Sport and racing[edit]

  • The Superman, a stunt in which a rider strikes a flying pose:
    • A pose used by Mat Rempits, Malaysian street racers
    • A trick in Freestyle Motocross and similar sports, in which the rider removes his legs from the vehicle and straightens out his body while holding onto the handlebars
    • A cycling-position created by the British cyclist Graeme Obree

Athletes nicknamed Superman[edit]

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