Superman Classic

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Superman Classic
Superman Classic.jpg
Title screen for Superman Classic.
Directed by Robb Pratt
Produced by Robb Pratt
Written by Robb Pratt
Based on Superman
by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
Music by Mischa Bakaleinikoff
Release date
  • February 6, 2011 (2011-02-06)
Running time
2 minutes
Language English

Superman Classic is a 2011 animated fan film made by Robb Pratt.[1]


Clark Kent and Lois Lane exit the Daily Planet building with Lois asking Clark why he always runs to the bathroom whenever a big story breaks. He explains to her that his bladder goes out of control whenever he gets nervous. Suddenly, a giant robot appears from out of nowhere and attacks Metropolis. Clark quickly disappears into a nearby phone booth and changes into Superman to combat the robotic threat. After a brief battle, Superman throws the robot into the air, only to see armies of dozens of robots flying in the sky.



Robb Pratt is a veteran animator who works at Walt Disney Animation Studios. His works include the films Pocahontas, Hercules, Tarzan and Fantasia 2000, as well as the TV shows Kim Possible, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.[1]

In designing the characters, Pratt mixed the traits of the Superman actors from past titles. The Metropolis scenery is heavily inspired by the architecture of Hugh Ferriss, while the film's music is taken from the 1948 Superman serial composed by Mischa Bakaleinikoff. For the animation work, the storyboards were done digitally, but the character animation itself was hand-drawn on paper before each frame was scanned and digitally colored and composited into the backgrounds. Clark Kent/Superman was voiced by John Newton, who played the character in the first season of the 1988 Superboy TV series, while Lois Lane was voiced by his wife Jennifer.[1]


In 2012, Pratt produced the sequel Bizarro Classic, with John and Jennifer Newton reprising their roles as Clark Kent and Lois Lane, respectively.

Pratt has already storyboarded a teamup between Superman and Batman. He has also written a script for Lex Luthor Classic. He hopes to make both projects in the near future, after completing Flash Gordon Classic.[2]

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