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The Superman dynasty, an extension of the House of El is a lineage of DC Comics superheroes. The term is used for the descendants of Kal-El, the original Superman, who continue to uphold his legacy of heroism well into the 853rd century, as depicted in the DC One Million crossover. Repeated references to members of the Superman dynasty as Superman's "descendants" and at least one reference to them as the "blood of his blood" would seem to indicate that they are, in fact, the biological descendants of Superman in some fashion.


The family emblem of the House of El.

The Superman dynasty starts with the House of El, and Kal-El. Unable to save Krypton, Jor-El would decide to send his only son to Earth. Under the yellow sun, Kal-El became the first super-powered Kryptonian known as Superman. Superman would be later joined by Kon-El (clone), who would become known as Superboy, and Kara Zor-El (cousin), who would become known as Supergirl, as well as Kara Zor-L, also known as Power Girl, the Earth-Two counterpart of Supergirl, and the Eradicator, an artificial intelligence created by Kem-L.

In the future timeline of DC One Million, Superman will leave Earth at the end of the 21st century when the sadness that grows in him upon the death of Lois Lane compels him to wander the universe alone. (This version of Kal-El is immortal. Whether or not this immortality is a natural consequence of his solar based superpowers or is something he acquires somehow in the coming 8 decades is unclear.) In his place, he leaves his "heir," who is called Superman Secundus. From that point on, descendants of Superman continue to protect his adopted homeworld for centuries, with at least one Superman emerging in each generation. As time passed, and more sources of power were discovered, new superpowers were added to the inheritance of the Supermen. Among these powers are the ten alien sensory powers brought into the lineage by the marriage of the Superman of the 67th century and Gzntplzk, queen of the 5th dimension (home in the 20th century to Mister Mxyzptlk), including super-ESP. Their powers were increased significantly again at the dawn of the 700th century, when the original Superman finally returned from his wandering and took up residence in Earth's sun, and entered into a pact with the Superman of that time to provide them access to the vast powers he had gained in the 68,000 years he had been gone, in return for the dynasty's vow to continue to protect Earth.

The members of the Superman dynasty continued to be at the forefront of superheroism for centuries, leading such groups as the Office of Deputy Superhunters in the 250th century, the Justice League of the Atom (sometime after the 364th), and Justice Legion Alpha in the 853rd. A number of Supermen from different eras, including the Superman of the 853rd century, also formed a team called the Superman Squad which travelled through time fighting threats to the timestream. A Superman even joined the Pancosmic Justice Jihad, but soon left over "policy issues."

A notable victory of the dynasty and its allies was the defeat of the Bizarro plague in the 250th century, but over time it has been agreed that the dynasty's greatest foe has been Solaris, the Tyrant Sun.

The ongoing Rebirth storyline raises new important questions about the Superman Dynasty future timeline. It has been revealed that the Convergence versions of Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane are not alternate reality versions of the post-Flashpoint/New 52 versions, but were in fact the original pre-Flashpoint versions somehow moved-for as-yet unknown reasons-by Doctor Manhattan to a "pocket reality" of his creation for over a decade while he created the New 52 Universe. Both versions have recently been merged into a combined Superman and Lois Lane, whose new history seems to mirror the pre-Flashpoint continuity far more than that of the New 52. If this is true, then it raises the question of whether or not the Superman Dynasty timeline is now back in continuity in this reality. If so, then it is possible their half-human son Jonathan is the future "Superman Secondus" from which the rest of the Dynasty descends in the distant future. It's also equally likely that the Dynasty's timeline of the Rebirth reality is no longer the same as the one presented in DC One Million. The answers to these questions clearly remain for after the confrontation with Doctor Manhattan and all questions about his tampering with the DC Universe-particularly Superman-are answered.

n Lineage

El Lineage[edit]

  • Kem-L/Kem-El/Kemba Kent
    • Don-El/Donald Kent
      • Ter-El/Terence Kent
        • Zim-El (brother of Seyg-El, Superman No. 268, 'A Tale of Time and Tide' (Oct 1973) and KRYPTON CHRONICLES #3)
        • Seyg-El/Jor-El I and wife Nimda An-Dor
          • Jor-El II and wife Lara Lor-Van
            • Knor-El/Ken Clarkson (brother of Kal-El in Superman #200 (October 1967))
            • Lora/Laurel (Superwoman/gender switched Superman/Clark Kent seen in Superman/Batman #22-25 (Oct 2005) and Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Superwoman/Batwoman #1 (December 2007))
            • Vala(daughter of Jor-El and Lara in Superman: Last Family of Krypton (October–December 2010))
            • Bru-El/Bruce Kent (Twin of Kal-El, son of Jor-El and Lara in Superman: Last Family of Krypton (October–December 2010))
            • Clark Kent/Superman (birth-name: Kal-El)
              • Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. (sons created by Superman and Batman in the AI at the Fortress of Solitude and brought to life; appearing in the "Super-Sons" stories in 12 issues (between 1976 and 1980) of World's Finest Comics)
              • Clark Jr is depicted as the son of Lois Lane in Superman #192 (January 1967)
              • Clark Jr is depicted as the son of Lana Lang in Superman #404 (February 1985)
              • Jonathan Elliot (son with Lois Lane in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (two books, September 1986))
              • Jon Kent (son with Lois Lane in Son of Superman (2000))
              • Jon Lane Kent (son with Lois Lane in Teen Titans Annual #2 (Oct 2013) part of the Forever Evil crossover event)
                • The New 52 Superboy (a "clone" created by Harvest and N.O.W.H.E.R.E. with DNA from Jon Lane Kent and an unknown alien donor, first appearance The New 52 TEEN TITANS #1 (Sep 28 2011))
              • Jonathan Samuel Kent (son with Lois Lane in Convergence: Superman #2 (July 2015) and Superman: Lois and Clark (2015-2016))
              • Jason White (son with Lois Lane in the 2006 film Superman Returns)
              • Laney or Lanie (daughter with Lois Lane in Superman #215 (Apr 1969))
              • Lola Kent (daughter with Lois Lane in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #56 (October 1961))
              • Kara, (sister of Joel Perry Kent, daughter with Lois Lane in Superman & Batman: Generations (1999))
              • Joel Perry Kent (son with Lois Lane in Superman & Batman: Generations (1999))
                • Clark Wayne (son with Mei-Lai Kent in Superman & Batman: Generations II Vol 1: (2001-2002))
                  • Lois (daughter with Amanda Mason)
                  • Lara (daughter with Amanda Mason)
                    • Thomas Taylor Wayne (son with Bruce Wayne, Superman & Batman: Generations III)
              • Jor-el II/Jorel/Jordan Kent (son with Lois Lane, recurring in "The Superman of 2020" in Superman #355 (January 1981) and Action Comics #327 (August 1965))
                • Laurie Kent II (a daughter with "Mrs Jorel Kent", in Superman #354 (Dec 1980))
                • Kalel Kent/Superman III (son with "Mrs Jorel Kent" in Superman #364-372 (October 1981-June 1982))
                  • Dave Kent/Superman IV (son with Melodee Sellers, ACTION COMICS #338 (June 1966) and Superman No. 181 (Nov 1965))
                    • Superman V (son, name unknown, first actual appearance in ACTION COMICS #338 (June 1966))
                      • Superman VI (son, name unknown, mother unknown)
                        • Superman VII/Kanton K-73 (son, mother unknown, in Action Comics No. 338 (June 1966))
              • Larry and Carole (twins with Lois Lane in Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #23 (February 1961) and Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #39 (February 1963))
              • Adam Kent (son with Lois Lane in JLA: Created Equal (2000))
              • Laura Kent (daughter with Lois Lane in Superman Family #200 (April 1980))
              • Lara Lane-Kent (daughter with Lois Lane in Adventures of Superman #638 (May 2005))
              • Lisa Kent (daughter with Lois Lane in Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane # 91)
              • Lara Kent (daughter with Wonder Woman in Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again)
              • Jonathan (son with Wonder Woman in Frank Miller's Dark Knight III: The Master Race)
              • Jonathan (son with Wonder Woman in The Kingdom), he also has 3 other unnamed siblings)
              • Bruce (son with Wonder Woman in Superman: Distant Fires (1998) and Wonder Woman in JLA: Act of God (2000))
              • Zod-Ur (son with Wonder Woman in the Justice Lord's reality in Justice League Beyond 2.0 #4 (Sept 2013) and Justice League Beyond 2.0 #23 (June 2014))
              • Kal and Jor (twins with Lana Lang Superman #162 (July 1963) and Superman #166 (January 1964) and Superman: Distant Fires (1998) and Action Comics #492 (February 1979))
              • Joan (daughter with Lana Lang Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #46 (January 1964) falls in love with Larry Luthor, son of Lex Luthor and Lois Lane)
              • Carol (daughter with Lois Chaudhari, in Superman: Secret Identity (2004))
              • Jane (daughter with Lois Chaudhari, in Superman: Secret Identity (2004))
                • Clark (a son, in Superman: Secret Identity)
                • Perry (a son, in Superman: Secret Identity)
                • Jimmy (a son, in Superman: Secret Identity)
              • Lar-El and Vara (twins with Beautiful Dreamer in Superman & Batman: Generations 3 #10 (December 2003))
              • Ariella Kent (daughter with Matrix/Mae Kent from "Many Happy Returns", first seen in Supergirl One Million (1998) #1 VF)
              • Vol (son with Lasil in Action Comics #370 (December 1968))
              • Krys (son with Krysalla in Action Comics #410 (March 1972))
              • Conner Kent/Superboy (Kon-El/Experiment 13/Project Kr; Genomorph hybrid of Superman and Lex Luthor's DNA who resembles Kal-El and was created by Cadmus Labs)
                • Match (clone of Conner Kent)
                • Justice Legion S (One Million clones of Superboy in the 853rd Century)
                • Seraph (a DNAngel created by Dr. Amanda Spence at Cadmus with DNA donated by an unknown African-American woman in Superboy Vol 4 #88 (July, 2001))
              • LX-15/Alex Luthor Jr/Conner "CNR" Kent (II)/Kon-El (II) (a Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant hybrid of Superman and Lex Luthor's DNA and raised by Tess Mercer from TV series Smallville, resembles Lex Luthor)
              • Kell-El/Ezekiel Kent/Superman-X (clone of Kal-El from the 41st century, Legion of Superheroes: The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow)
              • Bizarro (imperfect copy of Superman)
              • Cir-El/Mia/Cheryl Kent (human overwritten with Superman/Kal-El's DNA, a hybrid created by Brainiac in Superman 10-Cent Adventure #1)
              • Mon-El/M'Onel/Lar Gand/Valor (son, Daxamite/human hybrid adopted in Superboy #89 (June 1961) and Legion of Super-Heroes (vol. 3) #61, June 1989 and Superboy vol. 3, #17, a.k.a. Bob Cobb, also uses "Jonathan Kent" as an alias)
              • Christopher Kent/Lor-Zod (son, adopted with Lois Lane and the biological son of General Dru-Zod and Faora Hu-Ul first seen in Action Comics #844 (December 2006).)
              • Tommy (son, adopted in Superman #57 (Mar/Apr 1949))
              • Baby Bliss (son, adopted in Action Comics #217 (June 1956))
              • Johnny Kirk (son, adopted in Action Comics #232 (September 1957))
              • Jimmy Olsen (son, adopted in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #30 (August 1958))
              • Gregor Nagy (son, adopted in Action Comics #400 (May 1971))
              • Evan Gallagher (son, adopted with Lana Lang in Smallville, Season 4, Episode 20 "Ageless" (4 May 2005))
              • Entire meta-human population of an Alternate Earth (Kal-El became a sperm donor in JLA: Created Equal (2000) when all the male humans, except Lex Luthor, on Earth died)
              • Superman Secundus
              • ...
              • ...
              • ...
                • ...
                  • ...
                    • Louise-L (descended from Superman, first seen in Superman Family 215 and 216 February 1982 in a story titled "Crisis At the Crossroads in Time!")
              • ...
                • ...
                  • ...
                    • Klar Ken T5477/Superman XX (born in 2444, descended from Superman's son Jorel Kent, Superman No. 181, 'Superman of 2465' (November 1965))
                    • Kara/Supergirl XX (born in the 30th century, younger sister of Klar Ken, descended from Superman's son Jorel Kent, Superman #137 August 1, 1998)

Other Relatives[edit]

          • Zod-El (brother of Jor-El, Superman: Earth One, Volume 3, Feb 4 2015)
          • Nim-El (twin brother of Jor-El, uncle of Kal-El and Kara Zor-El, Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Vol 1 #60 April 1962)
            • Don-El/Donald Kent (a son with wife Dondra Klu-Ta)
          • Zor-El/Zoran Kent and Alura In-Zee (Zor-El is a brother of Jor-El)
            • Supergirl (birth name: Kara Zor-El))
              • Brainac's Daughter/XTC (a daughter with Brainiac 5, first appears in Kingdom Come #2: Truth And Justice published June 1, 1996)
            • Power Girl (Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr; native of pre-Crisis Earth-Two; daughter of Zor-L and Allura In-Z)
              • Equinox (status unknown, result of mystical pregnancy, aged rapidly to adulthood and disappeared during the Zero Hour event Justice League America #108 (1996))
              • Devine (clone created by Doctor Sivana for Maxwell Lord in Power Girl Vol 2 #16 (November, 2010))
            • Zorn-El (a cousin of Kal-El's in Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again)
            • Superior Girl/Belinda Zee from Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade and Belinda Zee(Cosmic Adventures), a Bizarro created from Kara's DNA.
            • Supra Girl/Andromeda (a Kara Zor-El from another dimension, Supergirl Cosmic Adventures In The Eighth Grade # 5 June 2009)
            • Super Lad (male version of Kara Zor-El seen in Superman/Batman #22-25 (Oct 2005) and Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Superwoman/Batwoman #1 (December 2007)
            • Super Lad III (twin brother of Kara Zor-El seen in Supergirl #10 (October, 1974))
            • Power Lad/Dikk-Rey aka Tom Baker (Kandorian, Jimmy Olsen #45, 1960)
            • Satan Girl, an Evil Twin of Kara Zor-El created by Red Kryptonite in Adventure Comics Vol.1 #313 (Oct 1963)
          • Kara Seyg-El and Nim-Zee (Kara Seyg-El is the sister of Jor-El and aunt of Kal-El and Kara Zor-El)
            • Van-Zee (a son of Jor-El's sister Kara Seyg-El and look alike of his cousin Kal-el, Superman Family #183 (May/June 1977)
              • Lyle-Zee (a son with Sylvia DeWitt Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane Vol 1 21
              • Lili Van-Zee (a daughter with Sylvia DeWitt Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Vol 1 53
            • Gem-Zee (a son of Jor-El's sister)
              • Tes Ak-Var (first appearance Action Comics Annual #12(August 2009)) originally named Thara Gem-Zee in KRYPTON CHRONICLES #3 and SUPERMAN FAMILY #186)
                • Thara Ak-Var (a daughter with Ak-Var the 2nd Flamebird, Superman #681 (October 2008) and Action Comics Annual #12 (August 2009))
              • Rad-Zee (a son of Gem-Zee with an unknown Kandorian woman, Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane Vol 1 #21 Nov 1960)
            • Dik-Zee (a son of Jor-El's sister, twin brother of Van-Zee, Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane Vol 1 #21 Nov 1960)
          • Kala In-Ze and Zora In-Ze Superman: The Animated Series
            • Kalya In-Ze
            • Kori In-Ze
            • Kari In-Ze
            • Kara In-Ze (adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent, Clark Kent's "cousin")
          • Del Im-Re
            • Dar-Re (son of Im-Re and cousin of Kari In-Ze)
          • Halk Kar (foster brother from planet Thoron—a Kryptonian colony world, which is in the same solar system as Krypton from Superman vol.1 #80 (1953), was the inspiration for Mon-El)
          • Luma Lynai (Kal-El's ex-girlfriend, Kryptonian living on planet Staryl The Kingdom: Planet Krypton #1 (February 1999) and JSA: Classified #3 (November 2005)
          • Val-Zod (Superman II, Kryptonian sent to Earth, parents unknown, member of the house of Zod, Earth 2 Volume 1 Issue #19 (Mar 2014, part of the Forever Evil crossover event.)
          • Sunshine Superman (refugee from Vathlo Island, member of the Love Syndicate of Dreamworld, Kryptonian name unknown, Animal Man #23 (May 1990) and Final Crisis #7 (March 2009)
          • Jorel and Lara (scientists of the Kryptonian city Jandra-La on Vathlo Island, Action Comics Vol. 2 #9 (July 2012)
            • U.S. President Calvin Ellis/Kalel (a Superman of Earth 23 who is native to Vathlo Island on Krypton, seen in Final Crisis #7 (March 2009) and Action Comics Vol. 2 #9 (July 2012)
          • Jur-Li and unnamed wife
          • Jor-Il and wife Lara
          • Unnamed In-Ze parents

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