Superman el Último Escape

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Superman el Último Escape
Superman el Último Escape- logo.jpg
Six Flags México
Park section Pueblo Mexicano
Coordinates 19°17′44″N 99°12′22″W / 19.295666°N 99.206001°W / 19.295666; -99.206001Coordinates: 19°17′44″N 99°12′22″W / 19.295666°N 99.206001°W / 19.295666; -99.206001
Status Operating
Opening date November 19, 2004
General statistics
Type Steel
Manufacturer Chance Morgan
Model Hypercoaster
Track layout Out and Back
Lift/launch system Chain
Height 219.8 ft (67.0 m)
Drop 205 ft (62 m)
Length 5,577.4 ft (1,700.0 m)
Speed 74.6 mph (120.1 km/h)
Inversions 0
Duration 3:04
Max vertical angle 60°
Capacity 1,600 riders per hour
Height restriction 48 in (122 cm)
Trains 3 trains with 6 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 3 rows for a total of 36 riders per train.
Flash Pass Available
Superman el Último Escape at RCDB
Pictures of Superman el Último Escape at RCDB

Superman el Último Escape (meaning Superman: The Ultimate Escape) is a steel Chance Morgan roller coaster currently operating at Six Flags México, since November 19, 2004.[1][2]


Superman el Último Escape in the background.

Superman el Último Escape was originally supposed to be open in 2002, but construction stopped during a two-year dispute between Six Flags and the Mexican government. Work resumed in 2004, and the ride opened later that year.[1]

Since opening, Superman el Último Escape, took the records for the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in Latin America.[2]


Riders are taken out of the station and go through followed by a right hand turnaround, then a left curve, and a straightaway. The train then goes into a braking section, followed small pre-drop to reduce stress to the brakes, then a left hand turn that leads riders up the lift hill. Once falling down the first drop, the train will then build up seventy-five miles an hour of speed by the time it reaches the base of the pull-out fifteen feet above the ground. While riding the coaster the train will go on another 41-metre (135 ft) hill and two 360 degree helix's. The train then goes into a series of bunny hills followed by a brake run followed by a left hand turn that returns riders back into the station.[2]


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