Supermarket Fantasy

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Supermarket Fantasy
Supermarket fantasy.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedDecember 12, 2008
GenrePop rock, power pop
LabelToy's Factory
ProducerTakeshi Kobayashi
Mr. Children
Mr. Children chronology
Supermarket Fantasy

Mr. Children's thirteenth (their official website lists it as the 15th) original studio album, Supermarket Fantasy, debuted on the Japanese Oricon Charts at rank 1 on December 10, 2008. It sold 707,763 copies in its first week, the second best-selling debut album sales figure of the 2009 Oricon Year, and is still charting as of August 2009. It has 14 tracks, including smash singles "Tabidachi no Uta," "GIFT," "HANABI," and digital single "Hana no Nioi." Songs "Shounen" and "ESORA" were used to further promote the album but were not included on any singles, and the album includes "Kaze to Hoshi to Mebiusu no Wa," b-side from the "GIFT" single. As of November 25, 2009, Supermarket Fantasy has sold 1,246,962 copies and is currently slated as the second best-selling album of the 2009 Oricon Yearly Chart.

Track listing[edit]

1."Shuumatsu no Confidence Song" (終末のコンフィデンスソング Confidence Song of the End)5:11
2."HANABI" (Fireworks)5:44
3."Esora" (エソラ)5:06
4."Koe" (声 Voice)4:18
5."Shounen" (少年 Boys)5:38
6."Tabidachi no Uta" (旅立ちの唄 Song of the Journey)5:37
7."Kuchi ga Subette" (口がすべって A Slip of the Tongue)4:14
8."Suijou Bus" (水上バス Overwater Bus)5:06
9."Tokyo" (東京)4:38
10."Rock 'n Roll" (ロックンロール)3:31
11."Hitsuji, Hoeru" (羊、吠える Sheep, Howl)4:41
12."Kaze to Hoshi to Mebiusu no Wa" (風と星とメビウスの輪 The Wind, The Stars, and Moebius' Circle)5:17
14."Hana no Nioi" (花の匂い A Flower's Scent)5:11