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Supermercados Teloloapan logo
Supermercado Teloloapan #7 in Gulfton, Houston

Supermercados Teloloapan ("Teloloapan Supermarkets") is a chain of supermarkets located in Texas, with its headquarters in Houston,[1] and with locations in Greater Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth.

As of 2008 there are nine supermarkets, with most of them being located in Hispanic neighborhoods.[2] Patricia Pedraza, in the Hablando entre Lenguas ("Speaking between languages") column of Hoy Tamaulipas ("Tamaulipas Today"), said that the store was an example of a phenomenon of an increase in Hispanic businesses.[3]

Clemente Ayala, a native of Teloloapan, Mexico, said that La Michoacana Meat Market inspired him to create his own Hispanic foods store. Ayala and his wife saved and borrowed $50,000 ($84519.53 in today's money), and used it to open his first store in 1994. In the 800-square-foot (74 m2) facility they sold mostly cheese, meat, and tacos. By 1997 Ayala bought another store on Long Point Road and converted it into a Teloloapan store, and it became a chain. In 2007, sales grew 14%. Due to a slowdown in the local economy, in 2008 there was no sales growth.[2]


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