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Genre Reality
Created by Tyra Banks
Starring Judit Mascó (1-2)
Eloísa González (3-present)
Country of origin Spain
No. of seasons 3
Location(s) Madrid, Spain
Original network Cuatro
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Audio format Stereo
Original release August 22, 2006 – June 20, 2008
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Supermodelo was a Spanish reality television show based on the American TV series America's Next Top Model which is broadcast on the Spanish television station Cuatro. Two seasons have already gone to air, and a third one began in April 2008. While the first two Cycles followed the original format of only female models competing, Cycle 3 also featured male contestants that were living in the same house and participated in the same challenges but had a separate competition.[1] Another significant difference from the Next Top Model series was that the viewers were choosing which contestant of the bottom two was eliminated.

The Program[edit]

In its first two cycles, the program aimed to find the Spanish representative for the Elite Model Look contest. The girls, who used to stay in the "Centro de Formación" or training center four days a week, were judged on a weekly Primetime show by a jury (jurado in Spanish) and eliminated by the audience until a winner was declared.

For the third cycle, with the inclusion of male contestants, the mechanics of the competition changed a lot. The show airs every weekday afternoon, featuring daily challenges for the contestants.[2] The first phase of the competition took place on a cruise in the Mediterranean, and after ten boys and ten girls were admitted to the training center.[3]

The program features a team of teachers who help to train the aspiring models. The teachers who appeared the first two seasons include stylist (and director of the training center in cycle 2)Cristina Rodríguez, runway trainer Valerio Pino, trainer Jimmy Roca, and photographer Emmanuel Rouzic. For Supermodelo 2007, dance instructor Rubén Nsue, nutritionist Javier Martínez, acting coach Marta Romero, and etiquette instructor Vanesa Romero joined as additional professors. For Supermodelo 2008, the only teacher that remained in the cast was Emmanuel Rouzic; Marie-Ange Schmitt-Lebreton became the new director and runway trainer and José Fernández "Jousi" became the new stylist.

Supermodelo was hosted by the Spanish model Judit Mascó the first two seasons until Eloísa González replaced her on season 3 which saw significant changes in the format with having a male competition as well and a daily broadcast. However these changes proved to be very unpopular with audience and the season was cut short.


Cycle Premiere date Winner(s) Runner-up(s) Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants Gender competing International Destination(s)
1 August 26, 2006 María José Gallego Yasmin García Odilia Pamela García, Christel Castaño, Cristina Palavra, Yanira Català, Fina Rodrigo, Laura Beigveder, Graciela Tallón, Malena Costa, Elisabeth Kweku, Laura Negrete, Mayte Prieto 13 Italy
2 August 13, 2007 Noelia López Magdalena Pérez Irene Valerón, Paola Ditano, Raquel Hernández, Marta Abarrategui, Sandra Girón, Jessica Ruiz, Marta Vicente (quit), Silvia Salleras, Paula Hidalgo, Paula Bernaldez, Zaida Rodríguez (quit), Paloma Bloyd, Alba Carillo, Isabel Cañete 16 United Kingdom
3 May 19, 2008 Eva Prieto Amparo Gracia Isabel Conejo, Nora Garate, Raquel Martinez, Marcela Fuentes, Catalina Agilar, Yara Cobo, Mamen Solís, Belén Alarcón 20 France
Oliver Baggerman Javier Vázquez Abdel Abdelkader, Mario Rodríguez, Luis Jemenez, Benito Daza, Andres Moreno, Arturo Galue, Iván Plata, Aarón Marinez


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