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The Hardy Boys teamed up with Nancy Drew in this now-discontinued 36 volume series of paperbacks. This is not the first time the trio have crossed paths; earlier crossovers include the 1970s TV series, the novelization of one of the TV episodes (The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula), two SuperSleuths books (each book contains 7 short stories), Campfire Stories (a book of 7 short stories in celebration of the anniversary of the Campfire organization), and the Be-A-Detective series (6 choose-your-own adventure books).

The series is based on the Nancy Drew Files and the Hardy Boys Casefiles universes, as evidenced by Shock Waves, in which the melted keys from the car bombing that killed Iola Morton in the first Hardy Boys Casefile, are mentioned. The books are rumored to have been written to introduce Nancy Drew readers to the world of the Hardy Boys, as the books are written under the Keene pseudonym and are told mainly from Nancy's view.

An attraction between Frank Hardy and Nancy Drew was mentioned throughout the series. The books also hinted at the possibility of a romance between Joe Hardy and Bess Marvin; however, neither pairing was given a final closure.

Series titles[edit]

Titles and publication dates
# Title Released Author
1 Double Crossing June 1988
2 A Crime for Christmas November 1988 Peter Lerangis[1][2]
3 Shock Waves April 1989
4 Dangerous Games August 1989
5 The Last Resort November 1989
6 The Paris Connection April 1990
7 Buried in Time August 1990 Peter Lerangis & Larry Mike[3]
8 Mystery Train November 1990
9 Best of Enemies April 1991
10 High Survival August 1991
11 New Year's Evil November 1991
12 Tour of Danger April 1992
13 Spies and Lies July 1992 Tracey West[4]
14 Tropic of Fear November 1992
15 Courting Disaster April 1993
16 Hits and Misses July 1993
17 Evil in Amsterdam November 1993
18 Desperate Measures March 1994
19 Passport to Danger July 1994
20 Hollywood Horror October 1994
21 Copper Canyon Conspiracy December 1994 Robin Hardy[5]
22 Danger Down Under March 1995
23 Dead on Arrival May 1995
24 Target for Terror August 1995
25 Secrets of the Nile November 1995
26 A Question of Guilt March 1996
27 Islands of Intrigue May 1996
28 Murder on the Fourth of July July 1996
29 High Stakes November 1996
30 Nightmare in New Orleans March 1997
31 Out of Control June 1997
32 Exhibition of Evil August 1997
33 At All Costs October 1997
34 Royal Revenge December 1997
35 Operation Titanic February 1998
36 Process of Elimination April 1998 C.J. Henderson[6]

In additions to the titles listed above, two unpublished manuscripts were written. Book #37 was written by Louise Munro Foley and had the working title The Playhouse Mystery. Book #38 was untitled, but listed as forthcoming on an on-line book sales site.


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