Supernatural Science

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Supernatural Science
Genre Documentary
Narrated by Jonathan Pryce
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 17
Executive producer(s) Caroline van den Brul
Producer(s) Robert Eagle
Running time 50 minutes
Distributor BBC Worldwide
Original release 1999 (1999) – 2000 (2000)

Supernatural Science is a BBC Television documentary series that explores supernatural phenomena to determine whether or not there is a scientific explanation.


The series was co-produced with the Discovery Channel.


Season one (1999)[edit]

# Episode Topic Director Original airdate
1 "Buried Alive" Zombies TBA TBA
Does a paralysing poison used to create zombies have a future use in space travel?
2 "Miracles of Faith – or Creations of Chemistry?" Weeping Statues TBA TBA
Are Madonnas that weep and statues that drink religious or the work of fraudsters?
3 "Monsters from the Lake" Loch Ness Monster TBA TBA
Is the Loch Ness Monster a Jurassic creature or a hoax?
4 "Spontaneous Human Combustion" Spontaneous Human Combustion TBA TBA
Can forensic science find the cause of this bizarre occurrence?
5 "The Bermuda Triangle" Bermuda Triangle TBA TBA
Does new evidence confirm the area as the most treacherous sea on Earth?
6 "Atlantis Found?" Atlantis TBA TBA
Can scientists find this mystical city in a search from Europe to the high plains of South America?
7 "Between Life and Death" Near Death Experience TBA TBA
Can those who have narrowly escaped death help shed light on the workings of the human brain?
Is extra-sensory perception a collection of coincidences or is it a skill which could help solve crimes, or even fight wars?
9 "Physical Feats" Hysterical Strength TBA TBA
Can the power of the human mind overcome the limits of the body?
10 "Open to Suggestion" Hypnosis TBA TBA
Can scientists explain the mysterious world of hypnosis and its power for good and evil.
11 "Secrets of Levitation" Levitation TBA TBA
Can science show that levitation could have a future?
12 "Previous Lives" Re-incarnation TBA TBA
Can scientists reveal the truth behind the global belief in re-incarnation?
13 "Electric Hands and Mind Detectors" Psychics TBA TBA
Can scientists explain those who use their hands and bodies as instruments for searching and healing.

Season two (2000)[edit]

# Episode Topic Director Original airdate
14 "Extra-Terrestrial Life" Extraterrestrial Life TBA TBA
Can scientists searching the distant universe for alternative intelligent life forms shed light on alien abductions?
15 "King Arthur" King Arthur TBA TBA
Can scientists shed light on the truth behind one of Britain’s most engaging heroes?
16 "Monumental Mysteries" Pyramids TBA TBA
Can scientists unravel the mysteries of monuments left by ancient kings of Israel and Egypt?
17 "Animal Telepathy" Telepathy TBA TBA
Can scientists explain how the horse whisperer can communicate with animals?

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