Supernature (Cerrone III)

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Supernature (Cerrone III)
Studio album by Cerrone
Released September 1977
Recorded June-August 1977; Trident Studios, London
Genre Disco
Label Malligator
Producer Cerrone
Cerrone chronology
Cerrone's Paradise (Cerrone II)
(1977)Cerrone's Paradise (Cerrone II)1977
Supernature (Cerrone III)
Cerrone IV: The Golden Touch
(1978)Cerrone IV: The Golden Touch1978

Supernature is Cerrone's third album, released in September 1977. It was released in France by Malligator Label. It is known also as Cerrone III, since it is the third album by Cerrone, who labeled his albums with a number.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Supernature" 10:20
  2. "Sweet Drums" 3:30
  3. "In The Smoke" 4:40
  4. "Give Me Love" 6:10
  5. "Love Is Here" 5:20
  6. "Love Is The Answer" 6:00

Note: these times apply to the vinyl edition, since the CD timings have different values.

It has also been released in CD format in Europe and the US.

All the songs are written by Alain Wisniak and Marc Cerrone, except the instrumental "Sweet Drums" written by Cerrone alone.

In the inner sleeve disco producer Don Ray (Raymond Donnez), co-writer Alain Wisniak and singer Lene Lovich are thanked “for their kindness, talent & comprehension”.

From this album two singles were released: "Supernature" and "Give Me Love". Both are also featured in Cerrone's compilation album of greatest hits Culture.

"Supernature" is one of Cerrone's best known tracks. It was remixed in 1996 by Danny Tenaglia into his traditional deep progressive Twilo sound. The track "Love is the Answer" was re-edited by Liquid People, and released in the "Africanism" volume. 1 Africanism All Stars (Yellow Productions).