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Christopher Charles Crosby (born September 15, 1977) is the co-founder of Keenspot along with Darren Bleuel and Nathan Stone. He also founded the comic publisher Blatant Comics with Bobby Crosby in 1997. He draws and writes the webcomic Superosity and writes for Sore Thumbs, which Owen Gieni illustrates. He is the CTO for Red Giant Entertainment. He currently resides in Cresbard, SD.


Superosity is a daily comic strip by Crosby.[1][2] It was the first comic ever to be hosted by Keenspot.[3] The comic focuses on the adventure-filled life of an idiot who wears a cape for no apparent reason (Chris), his perpetually angry teenage brother (Bobby), a sentient board (Boardy), and their friends. The Sunday comic usually focuses on the fantastical imaginations of Chris's pets, Giz (a dog) and Mask (a cat).

Superosity launched on March 1, 1999.[4] It has an archive of over 4,000 strips to date.[5][6] Seven issues of a Superosity print comic book were published from 2001–2002 and distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors to comic book stores. It featured guest artwork by creators such as Jeffrey J. Rowland (Overcompensating) and John Allison (Scary Go Round). Superosity has also been published in newspapers, most notably The Turlock Journal of Turlock, CA.[7]

On July 21, 2006 at Comic-Con International during Keenspot's 6th annual panel discussion, it was announced that an animated TV series called Angelipups would be produced based on the in-strip show by that name.[8] Comics Buyer's Guide positively reviewed the first two issues of the Superosity comic book in late 2001[9] and Superosity was nominated for "Best Superhero Comic" in the 2002 Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards.[10]

Sore Thumbs[edit]

Crosby started writing the webcomic Sore Thumbs in collaboration with artist Owen Gieni in 2004. This political webcomic was published on Crosby's Keenspot platform and features a strong left-winged slant. Though she praised the art of Sore Thumbs, Rebecca Henely of Sequential Tart harshly criticized Crosby's writing, describing Sore Thumbs as "unintelligent, uncreative and worst of all — it's not very funny."[11]


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