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Superpole for Superbike is a timed event to establish starting positions for motorcycle racers in World Superbike races.

A World Superbike weekend consists of:

  • one free practice
  • two timed qualifying practices
  • Superpole
  • two races (preceded by 20 minute warm-up sessions)

The fastest 15 riders (as determined by their combined qualifying practice results) take part in Superpole, to determine the order of the first 15 riders on the starting grid of the Superbike races. Riders that fail to qualify for Superpole will start the races from 16th position onwards, based on their qualifying practice results.

The format of Superpole depends on weather conditions.

Dry Superpole[edit]

If the race director declares a 'dry' Superpole (referring to the weather conditions) then Superpole will consist of 3 laps of the circuit. Riders start one by one in reverse qualifying order. Grid position for the races will be determined by each rider's fastest single lap time.

Wet Superpole[edit]

If Superpole is declared 'wet,' Superpole will consist of 50 minutes of timed laps, for all 15 riders together, during which a rider may complete up to 12 laps (including in and out laps). Grid position for the races will be determined by each rider's fastest single lap time. For each lap over 12 laps completed, the rider's best lap time will be cancelled.

Technical details[edit]

To qualify for the race, riders must record a lap time no longer than 107% of the time recorded by the pole-position rider. Qualifying tires may be used.

Official rules[edit]

The Federation International de Motocyclisme oversees the World Superbike series. Full rules for the championship, including Superpole, can be found here at their website.[1]