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Superstar K
Season 3
Broadcast fromAugust 11 (2011-08-11) – November 11, 2011 (2011-11-11)
Host(s)Kim Sung-joo
Ahn Hye-Kyung
Finals venueKyung Hee University Grand Peace Hall
Ulala Session
Song"With You"
Busker Busker

Superstar K3 (Hangul슈퍼스타 3) is the third season of the South Korean television talent show series Superstar K, broadcast by The theme song for this season, "Fly" is written by producer Park Keun-tae and sung by Super Junior-K.R.Y.. It was released on 14 April 2011 and debuted at the preliminary round in Busan on 24 April till the final show in November.[1] It was also the first season within the show's three-year history to allow group acts to compete.

Broadcasting time[edit]


Network Broadcasting Dates Broadcasting Time
Mnet · KM August 12, 2011 - November 11, 2011 Every Friday at 11:00 PM (KST).

TOP 11[edit]

  • Originally to consist of the TOP 10 finalist, however, the team "Yery Band" were subsequently removed from the show and were replaced by the contestants "Haze" and "Busker Busker." This meant that the final line-up became the TOP 11.
Name/Group Name Age Place of Audition Profession Final Standing
Ulala Session (울랄라 세션)
(임윤택, 박광선, 박승일, 김명훈)
32, 22, 31, 29 Daejeon Choreographer, Self-Employed, 의류업, Amateur Photographer Winner
Togeworl (투 개월, Two Months)
(김예림, 도대윤)
18, 19 United States of America Student, Student TOP 3
Yery Band (예리밴드)[* 1]
(한승오, 유예리, 김하늘, 김선재)
40, 25, 27, 27 Daejeon Musician & Music Studio Operator, Vocal Instructor, Musician, Musician Voluntarily Evicted
Min Hoon Ki (민훈기) 23 Incheon College Student TOP 11
Kim Do Hyun (김도현) 19 Busan High School Student, Wrestler TOP 5
Chris Golightly (크리스 골라이틀리)[* 2] 29 Seoul B Composer and Singer TOP 7
Christina Love Lee (크리스티나 러브 리) 26 United States of America Music Therapist TOP 4
Lee Gun Yul (이건율) 23 Incheon College Student TOP 9
Lee Jung Ah (이정아) 25 Seoul A College Student TOP 9
Shin Ji Soo (신지수) 19 Incheon High School Student TOP 7
Haze (헤이즈)[* 3]
(신동주, 이승준, 송석민, 정재현, 변종필)
28, 27, 28, 28, 25 Daegu College Student, College Student, Musician, College Graduate, College Student TOP 11
Busker Busker (버스커 버스커)[* 3]
(장범준, 김형태, 브래드(Bradley Ray Moore))
23, 21, 28 Busan College Student, College Student, University English Lecturer Runner-Up
  1. ^ Complained about the staff and editors of Superstar K3, and were forced to give up their entry in the Top 10.
  2. ^ Prior to starring in Superstar K3, Chris had appeared in the TOP 24 for Season 9 of American Idol. However, it was stated that Chris had a music contract with a company which ran contrast with the American Idol's rules which disallowed the existence of a contract during the audition period - and was thus disqualified from the competition.
  3. ^ a b Passed the auditions, and filled the vacant position left by the abstaining of Yery Band.
Order Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14
1 Haze Christina Chris Ulala Session Togeworl Busker Busker Busker Busker
2 Min Hoon Ki Lee Gun Yul Kim Do Hyun Busker Busker Christina Togeworl Ulala Session
3 Christina Lee Jung Ah Busker Busker Christina Busker Busker Ulala Session
4 Lee Gun Yul Chris Shin Ji Soo Kim Do Hyun Ulala Session
5 Kim Do Hyun Kim Do Hyun Ulala Session Togeworl
6 Lee Jung Ah Shin Ji Soo Christina
7 Chris Togeworl Togeworl
8 Busker Busker Busker Busker
9 Shin Ji Soo Ulala Session
10 Ulala Session
11 Togeworl


  • The order is based on the order in which the above contestants performed.
  • Super-Save Scheme: The contestant who scores the highest score from the judges will be exempted from being eliminated regardless of the poll results.


  1. ^ Hong, Lucia "Super Junior K.R.Y. to release theme song for Mnet show this week" 10Asia. 14 April 2011. Retrieved 2012-03-30

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