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Superstretch and Microwoman are a fictional, shape-shifting, husband and wife crime-fighting team, shown as a segment of Tarzan and the Super 7.

Paired in lightweight adventures, on the surface Chris and Christy Cross were just your average suburban couple. But when they sprang into action, Chris could take virtually any shape (such as a plane, a robot, a rubber ball, a perfect double of a villain, etc.). Christy could, as her name implied, shrink to microscopic size. Frequently tagging along on their adventures was their little dog, Trouble. The duo was a new concept for superhero cartoons in that they were the first African-American man/woman duo, and that they did not change into superhero costumes when the need to use their powers came, or adapt a "secret identity", simply wearing ordinary clothes. Some times if the need arose, Christy and Chris would use their powers to accomplish household chores.

First appearance[edit]


  1. "Bad Things Come in Small Packages"
  2. "The Ringmaster"
  3. "The Toymaker"
  4. "Future Tense"
  5. "Phantom of the Sewers"
  6. "Shadow on the Swamp"
  7. "The Great Candy Bar Caper"
  8. "The Superstretch Bowl"
  9. "Superstarch and Magnawoman"
  10. "Sugar Spice"
  11. "Gnome Man's Land"


  • Chris/Superstretch voiced by Ty Henderson
  • Christy/Microwoman voiced by Kim Hamilton
  • Lt. Buzz Tucker voiced by Howard Morris

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