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For the album by The Feelers, see Supersystem (album). For the poker book by Doyle Brunson, see Super/System.
Super system1.jpg
Supersystem at Black Cat, 1/7/06
Background information
Origin Washington, D.C., United States
Genres Rock
Years active 1997–2006
Labels Red Skies at Night Records
Resin Records
Mud Memory Records
Dischord Records
Touch and Go Records
Associated acts Antelope
Shy Child
Members Pete Cafarella
Rafael Cohen
Justin Moyer
Nate Smith
Joshua Blair

Supersystem was a band from Washington, D.C. described as a mix of rock, punk, pop and dance music. Originally El Guapo, the group changed their name after adding a new drummer and because of a general dislike of the original name. El Guapo consisted of keyboardist Pete Cafarella, guitarist Rafael Cohen, bassist "Justin Destroyer" (Justin Moyer), and drummer Nate Smith; Smith left the band before they signed to Dischord. Supersystem consisted of Cafarella, Cohen, Moyer, and drummer Joshua Blair.

The group disbanded in November 2006. Moyer records and tours under the name "Edie Sedgwick"; Blair drums in Orthrelm; Cafarella and Smith play in the duo Shy Child; and Cohen is a member of !!!.[1][2]


Release date Album name Group name Record label
1997 Untitled 7" El Guapo Red Skies at Night Records
1998 The Burden of History El Guapo Resin Records
1999 The Phenomenon of Renewal El Guapo Resin Records
2000 The Geography of Dissolution El Guapo Mud Memory Records
2001 super/system El Guapo Dischord Records
2002 Fake French El Guapo Dischord Records
2003 Begin Live Transmission El Guapo Dischord Records
2005 Always Never Again Supersystem Touch and Go Records
2005 Born Into the World/Defcon Supersystem Touch and Go Records
2005 Miracle Supersystem Touch and Go Records
2006 A Million Microphones Supersystem Touch and Go Records


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