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Supertek Computers Inc. was a computer company founded in Santa Clara, California in 1985 by Mike Fung, an ex-Hewlett-Packard project manager, with the aim of designing and selling low-cost minisupercomputers compatible with those from Cray Research.

Its first product was the Supertek S-1, a compact, air-cooled, CMOS clone of the Cray X-MP vector processor supercomputer running the CTSS (Cray Time Sharing System) operating system, and later a version of Unix. This was launched in 1989. Only ten were sold before Supertek were acquired by Cray Research in 1990 and the S-1 was subsequently sold for a brief time by Cray as the Cray XMS.

At the time of the acquisition the Supertek S-2, a clone of the Cray Y-MP, was under development briefly named the Cray YMS, and this was eventually launched as the Cray Y-MP EL in 1992.