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From Yellow to Orange Inc. (shortened as FYTO; formerly Warp Inc. and Super Warp Inc.) is a Japanese video game developer founded by Kenji Eno in 1994. Eno headed the company until his death in February 2013.


From Yellow to Orange was founded under the name Warp in 1994.[1] The Warp logo—four television screens displaying the four letters of the developer's name—was designed by founder Kenji Eno and designer Tomohiro Miyazaki.[2] Warp developed several interactive cinema games, their most successful series being D. In 2000, following the release of D2, Warp changed its name to Super Warp.[1] Super Warp exited the video game industry, widening its scope to network services, DVD products, and online music.[3]

After receiving an investment from the company Neoteny Inc., Super Warp changed its name to From Yellow to Orange (FYTO) in 2001.[1] FYTO proceeded to release the game You, Me, and the Cubes in 2009.[3] Eno headed the company as president and chief executive officer (CEO) until his death February 2013.[3] Following this, Katsutoshi Eguchi became the company's new CEO.[4] Eno's final project, Kakexun, became a collaborative effort between FYTO and Naoya Sato's company Warp2.[4]

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