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Publication information
Publisher Amar Chitra Katha / ACK Media
First appearance Tinkle No.27, January 1983
Created by Ram Waeerkar

Suppandi is a comic character who appears in Tinkle comics. Suppandi, a village simpleton, is still considered the most famous among the characters appearing in Tinkle. Suppandi made his debut in January, 1983.

Suppandi made his debut in Tinkle No.27 in January 1983.[1] Unlike other Tinkle characters, he was not originally conceptualized by the creators of the magazine. He was born out of 3 narrative stories sent by P. Varadarajan from Trichy. The concept was rendered into comic format in Tinkle studios, with the illustrations by one of the famous yesteryear artists, Ram Waeerkar. Suppandi, also, is most of the time shown as an ignoramus but faithful servant to his masters. His stupidity or his virtue of being an ignoramus has cost him many a job. Often Suppandi is shown living in big towns and cities.[citation needed]

Ram Waeerkar carried on drawing for Suppandi with his trusted friend Aditya Arun till the early 2003, after which it is now being taken care by Ram Waeerkar’s talented daughter, Archana Amberkar.[citation needed] Suppandi stories were also illustrated by Sanjiv Waeerkar, Ram Waaerkar's son,who works as an artist working for Tinkle.


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