Support Lesbiens

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Support Lesbiens
Support Lesbiens by Petr Kurečka.
Origin Czech Republic
Genres rock, pop rock
Years active from 1992
Members Czenda Urbánek
Hynek Toman
Jan Andr
Radek Tomášek
Filip Fendrych

Support Lesbiens is a Czech musical group.[1] It was founded in 1992. Their single "Cliché" was the first single by a Czech English-singing group to reach number one in an official radio chart IFPI. The band is considered to be a part of the New Age genre, though it carries many Rock features as well. After the release of a new single "Changes" (in May 2013) with the new band members, the band is currently working on new album that should be ready in autumn 2013.

Musical career[edit]

Support Lesbiens experienced a tough start in the Czech musical scene due to a general skepticism against Czech bands singing in English. Their first two albums were known by only the most die-hard Czech fans, but their break came with the album Regeneration?, which jump-started their rise to domestic fame.

After their fourth album Tune Da Radio, the band's lead guitarist and writer Jaromír Helešic left the band, leading to a slight turn away from the Rock genre to a more modern style.

In May 2013, the group announced a new, as yet unnamed album, due to be released in autumn 2013.[2]

In May, 2013, the band released a brand new single.[3]



  • So, What? (1993)
  • Medicine Man (1994)
  • Regeneration? (2001)
  • Tune Da Radio (2002)
  • Midlife (2004)
  • Euphony and Other Adventures (2006)
  • Greatest Hits 1993-2007 (2007)
  • Lick It (2008)
  • Soft Collection (2009)
  • Homobot (2011)
  • Changes (2013) - new band members


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