Supported Integration Training and Employment (SITE)

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Supported Integration Training and Employment (SITE) are a democratically elected voluntary group established on 4 June 2004 in Glasgow, Scotland.

The aim of the group is to secure premises to enable them to provide a resource for visually impaired persons who are seeking training and employment. The premises which they have identified as appropriate to their needs is the Listed B Cell Block adjacent to the Centre for Sensory Impairment in Partick, Glasgow, Scotland.

The justification for setting up this project is based on two recent areas of research. Firstly, there was research carried out by RNIB "Beyond the Stereotypes" which stated that 83% of visibly impaired people of employable age were excluded from the employment field. Secondly, a consultation was undertaken by Gary Dover, GCC, PSSM. The report was titled “Equal Access to Employment” it was formally launched at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow on the 27th May 2004. Within this report there proved to be considerable correlative information with the findings of the RNIB research.

The management committee consists of visually impaired individuals who have experience of the limited choice in training and learning opportunities, and are acutely aware of the attitude of potential employers. With a project like SITE in place that will work with visually impaired person there will be opportunities to change employers perspectives and create employment pathways for the visually impaired in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

They attained Scottish charity status on 4 November 2004. Scottish Charity number SC 036056

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