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Supporter Album No. 1 (Supporter Album Nr. 1, Supporter Album #1) is the first supporters' album by Einstürzende Neubauten. This set a precedent for the band, as it was one of the first albums it released without the backing of a record label, relying instead upon fan ("supporter") participation. It was a popular experiment that would later lead to other exclusive releases for supporters.

About 2,000 supporters signed up at the band's website to support what became Phase I by paying US$35/€35 to participate in the experience and receive the results. Numerous sessions of the recording and creating of the album were transmitted to the community of supporters via the Internet, as streaming videos. An exclusive Supporter Album #1[clarification needed] was sent out to participants in autumn 2003.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Dead Friends (Around the Corner)" 5:09
2. "Perpetuum Mobile" 14:14
3. "X" 4:02
4. "Ein Seltener Vogel (Bunkerversion)" 10:42
5. "Airplane Miniature #4" 0:59
6. "Airplane Miniature #3" 1:29
7. "Insomnia" 7:25
8. "Selbsportrait mit Kater" 7:53
9. "Compressors in the Dark" 3:45

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