Supreme Court of Albania

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Supreme Court of Albania
Gjykata e Lartë
Supreme Court of Albania logo.png
Established 1992
Country  Albania
Location Tirana
Authorized by Constitution
Judge term length 4 years
Number of positions 14
Kryetari i gjykata e Lartë
Currently Shpresa Beçaj
Since 8 november 2008
Lead position ends Incumbent
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The Supreme Court of Albania (Albanian: Gjykata e Lartë) is the highest court of Albania and is the final court of appeal in the Albanian justice system. The Supreme Court of Albania is composed of fourteen judges: the Chief Justice of Albania and thirteen Judges.[1]


Supreme Court, based in Tirana, is the highest judicial power in the Republic of Albania. Its main mission is to review, upon request of the parties, the decisions of the courts of lower instances.


The Supreme Court of Albania consists of the following members:[2]

  • Xhezair Zaganjori (Chief Justice of Albania)
  • Ardian Dvorani
  • Tom Ndreca
  • Admir Thanza
  • Artan Broci
  • Ardian Nuni
  • Arjana Fullani
  • Evelina Qirjakjo
  • Guxim Zenelaj
  • Majlinda Andra
  • Andi Çeliku
  • Aleksander Muskaj
  • Mirela Fana
  • Medi Bici

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