North Dakota Supreme Court

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North Dakota Supreme Court
Country North Dakota North Dakota, United States United States
Composition method Non-partisan
Decisions are appealed to Supreme Court of the United States
Judge term length 10 years
No. of positions 5
Website Official website
Chief Justice
Currently Gerald W. VandeWalle
Since 1993
Lead position ends 2020
Jurist term ends 2020

The North Dakota Supreme Court is the highest court of law in the state of North Dakota. The Court rules on questions of law in appeals from the state's district courts.

Each of the five justices are elected on a no-party ballot for ten year terms, arranged such that one seat is contested every two years. The Chief Justice is elected from the Justices every five years (or upon vacancy) by vote of the Supreme Court justices and the District Court judges.

The justices of the North Dakota Supreme Court are currently:

The Supreme Court is empowered to constitute a Court of Appeals consisting of a three-member panel chosen from active and retired District Court judges, retired Supreme Court justices, and lawyers. The Court of Appeals only hears cases specifically assigned to it by the Supreme Court, which is done only infrequently.

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