Supreme Court of Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone Supreme Court
Freetown Court 1984.jpg
Sierra Leone Supreme Court building
Established 1960
Country Sierra Leone

Siaka Stevens Street

Freetown, Sierra Leone
Authorized by Constitution of Sierra Leone
Number of positions

Five Supreme Court Justices

Chief Justice
Currently Umu Hawa Tejan-Jalloh
Since January 26, 2008

The Supreme Court of Sierra Leone is the highest court in Sierra Leone. It has final jurisdiction in all civil and criminal cases within Sierra Leone, and its decisions cannot be appealed. The Supreme Court has the exclusive constitutional power to overturn ruling of lower courts within the jurisdiction of Sierra Leone. The Supreme Court, along with the Court of Appeals, High Court of Justice, and magistrate courts form the Judicial branch of the Government of Sierra Leone.

The Supreme Court of Sierra Leone consists of five Supreme Court justices, headed by the Chief Justice. The Judges are appointed by the president of Sierra Leone and must be confirmed by the Parliament of Sierra Leone by at least 60% majority vote in order to take office. Four of Sierra Leone's five current Supreme Court judges are women [1]. The Supreme Court building, known as Law Court, is located on Siaka Stevens Street in the Central business district in Downtown Freetown.

Current Sierra Leone Supreme Court Justices[edit]

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