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The Supreme Court of Uganda is the highest judicial organ in Uganda. It derives its powers from Article 130 of the 1995 Constitution. It is majorly an appellate court with original jurisdiction in a few cases like Presidential election petition. The Supreme Court is headed by the chief justice assisted by seven justices.


As of 5 March 2015, the following justices constitute the Uganda Supreme Court:[1]

Among the controversial cases heard by the Supreme court in 2008, is the validity of the death penalty. The main petitioner in this case (appellant as this was an appeal from the constitutional court) was Susan Kigula who has since lost her appeal against her own death sentence for murdering her husband.[2] Other cases include two of the last three presidential election petitions in which the court ruled 3:2 in 2001 and 4:3 in 2006, in favor of president Yoweri Museveni's re-election.

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