Supreme Court of the Maldives

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Supreme Court of the Maldives
Established 18 September 2008
Country Maldives
Location Kaafu, Malè
Coordinates 4°11′49″N 73°30′51″E / 4.1969°N 73.5141°E / 4.1969; 73.5141Coordinates: 4°11′49″N 73°30′51″E / 4.1969°N 73.5141°E / 4.1969; 73.5141
Composition method Presidential Nomination and then People's Majlis Confirmation
Authorized by Constitution of the Maldives
Judge term length Life tenure
No. of positions 5 Justice
Annual budget 150 Million Ruffiya
Chief Justice of the Maldives
Currently Abdullah Saeed
Since 14 December 2014
Justice Honorable
Currently Abdulla Areef
Since 10 August 2010

The Maldives Supreme Court is the highest federal court of Maldives. On December 10, the number of Supreme Court judges was reduced from seven to five.[1]

Notable rulings[edit]

  • Four members of the country's Election Commission were set to spend six months in jail for 'disobeying orders'.[2]

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