Supreme Military Council (Turkey)

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The Supreme Military Council (Turkish: Yüksek Askerî Şûra, YAŞ) is a committee in the Turkish Armed Forces. It convenes annually to determine the military's agenda. YAŞ is headed by the Prime Minister, and the decisions are effective after approval by the President.

Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Ministers of National Defence, Interior, Foreign Affairs and Justice, commanders of armies and other admirals/generals are members of YAŞ.[1] In general practice, commanders of armies that completed their two-year service, are assigned as YAŞ member.

Generally, YAŞ meetings are held in the first week of August and expands into three days. The appointments are made to be affective by 30 August (Victory Day). However, due to failed 15 July coup, the 2016 YAŞ was held in 28 July 2016 and completed in a single day. [2]


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