Supreme intercostal vein

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Supreme intercostal vein
Intercostal spaces, viewed from the left. (Highest intercostal vein labeled at upper right.)
The venæ cavæ and azygos veins, with their tributaries. (Highest intercostal labeled, very faintly, written vertically, to the right of the aortic arch.)
Latin vena intercostalis suprema
Drains to
brachiocephalic vein
intercostal arteries
Gray's p.666
TA A12.3.04.023
FMA 4744
Anatomical terminology

The supreme intercostal vein (highest intercostal vein) is a paired vein that drains the first intercostal space on its corresponding side.

It usually drains into the brachiocephalic vein.[1] It can also drain into the superior intercostal vein, or the vertebral vein of its corresponding side.

Clinical significance[edit]

This vein does not have valves, this is an important point when it comes to spread of cancerous secondaries.

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