Surabaya–Gresik Toll Road

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Surabaya-Gresik Toll Road
Route information
Part of
Maintained by PT. Margabumi Matraraya
Length21 km (13 mi)
Major junctions
 Surabaya-Porong Toll Road
Major citiesSurabaya, Gresik
Highway system
Roads and Highways in Indonesia

Surabaya-Gresik Toll Road is a toll road in Indonesia, located between Surabaya and Gresik in the island of Java. The highway is 21 kilometers long. The highway acts as a complement for Trans-Java Expressway.

The highway starts on a cloverleaf with the Surabaya - Gempol Toll Road , and leads westward with 2x2 lanes, and crosses industrial sites west of Surabaya. The motorway then forms a large bypass of the port city of Gresik, which serves the motorway with two non-level connections. Then the highway ends with a crossroads north of Gresik on a main road that goes further west along the coast.[1]


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