Ibrahim (surah)

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  Sura 14 of the Quran  

Arabic text · English translation

Classification Meccan
Other names Surat Ibraheem, Surah Ibrahim, Sura Ibrahim, surah ibraheem,
Position Juzʼ 13
Hizb no. 26
No. of Rukus 7
No. of verses 52
No. of Sajdahs none

Sūrat Ibrāhīm (Arabic: سورة إبراهيم‎, "Abraham") is the 14th sura of the Qur'an with 52 ayat. It is a Makkan sura.

The sura emphasizes that only God knows what goes on inside a man's heart, implying we must accept each other's words in good faith.(14:38)[1]

This fragmentary calligraphic panel includes a verse from the Qur'an (14:7) and praises to God executed in thuluth, Persian naskh, and tawqi' scripts. The Qur'anic verse is written in thuluth and taken from Surat Ibrahim (Abraham). It states "(And remember, your Lord caused to be declared): If you are grateful, I will add more favors to you, but if you show ingratitude, truly My punishment is terrible." The Qur'anic verse on the top line is followed by various praises of God and His favors to men written in the Persian naskh and tawqi' scripts.


This Chapter name is Surah Ibrahim (Arabic) or Chapter of Abraham (English). This name is given because this chapter told about Abraham.


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