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In Hindu mythology, Surapadma is a demon of Viramahendra Puri who was almost slain by Lord Muruga (but, asking for pardon prior to dying, was given the honour of becoming Lord Muruga's vahana, the peacock).

Surapadma was the older brother of Taraka, an asura earlier killed by Muruga; as he would not surrender, Muruga had to kill most of his soldiers and defeat the middle brother Simhamukha (whom he graced to become His lion vahana). As Surapadma still refused to surrender, the final battle arose and Surapadma was defeated. In the end, Muruga mortally wounded him with his Vel—and Surapadma asked his life be spared. Muruga granted this, on the provision that Surapadma would forever be his vahana--whereupon Surapadma assumed the form of a peacock.

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