Surat Thani railway station

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Surat Thani railway station

Surat Thani railway station.jpg
Train station building
LocationNational Highway No.4008, Tha Kham Subdistrict, Phunphin District, Surat Thani
Owned byState Railway of Thailand
Line(s)Southern Line
Other information
Station codeรท.
Preceding station   State Railway of Thailand   Following station
toward Hua Lamphong
Southern Line
Train platform with signboard

Surat Thani railway station (SRT Code: SRN) is the main railway station in Surat Thani Province, Thailand. It is on the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) Southern Line, located 635.106 km from Thon Buri railway station. The station is on the east bank of Tapi River in Tha Kham town, Phun Phin District. Surat Thani Station first opened in 1915, and was originally named Phun Phin Station. The name was later changed to "Surat Thani railway station".[citation needed]


In World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army used the station as a base for military activity. The station and the Chulachomklao Bridge (then named Tha Kham) across the Tapi were both bombed in May 1945 by American aircraft. The RSR (former name of the SRT) built a new station, called Surat Thani 2 railway station, on the north bank of the Tapi River opposite the old station.[citation needed]

Surat Thani 2 railway station was demolished after the Chulachomklao Bridge was opened for traffic in a ceremony on 16 February 1953, and the new Surat Thani Station building was finished in 1954.[citation needed]

Train services[edit]

Currently,[when?] Surat Thani railway station serves 28 trains per day, all of them served by SRT.

  1. International Express train No. 35 / 36 Bangkok - Butterworth - Bangkok
  2. Thaksin Special Express train No. 37 / 38 Bangkok - Sungai Kolok - Bangkok
  3. Diesel Rail Special Express train No. 39 / 40 Bangkok - Surat Thani - Bangkok
  4. Diesel Rail Special Express train No. 41 / 42 Bangkok - Yala - Bangkok
  5. Diesel Rail Special Express train No. 43 / 44 Bangkok - Surat Thani - Bangkok
  6. Express train No. 83 / 84 Bangkok - Trang - Bangkok
  7. Express train No. 85 / 86 Bangkok - Nakhon Si Thammarat - Bangkok
  8. Rapid train No. 167 / 168 Bangkok - Kantang - Bangkok
  9. Rapid train No. 169 / 170 Bangkok - Yala - Bangkok
  10. Rapid train No. 171 / 172 Bangkok - Sungai Kolok - Bangkok
  11. Rapid train No. 173 / 174 Bangkok - Nakhon Si Thammarat - Bangkok
  12. Local train No. 445 / 446 Chumphon - Hat Yai - Chumphon
  13. Local train No. 447 / 448 Surat Thani - Sungai Kolok - Surat Thani
  14. Local train No. 489 / 490 Surat Thani - Khiri Rat Nikhom - Surat Thani
  15. Eastern & Oriental Express train No. 500 / 501 Bangkok - Singapore - Bangkok


The red bus connects the train station with downtown Surat Thani City, leaving every 15 minutes. Minibuses to other districts such as Chaiya, Wiang Sa, and Ban Na, are also available.

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Coordinates: 9°6′14″N 99°13′50″E / 9.10389°N 99.23056°E / 9.10389; 99.23056