Sure & Steadfast

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Sure & Steadfast
Kingcreosote sure&steadfast.jpg
Studio album by King Creosote
Released 2013
Genre Folk
Label Boer Records
King Creosote chronology
That Might Well Be It, Darling
(2013)That Might Well Be It, Darling2013
Sure & Steadfast
From Scotland with Love
(2014)From Scotland with Love2014

Sure & Steadfast is a studio album by King Creosote, released in 2013. The album was recorded and released to raise money for the Scottish Fisheries Museum, based in Anstruther.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Cicero Had An Anchor Tattoo
  2. Bodes Unwell
  3. Third Party
  4. An Ode To Falling Overboard
  5. Salt Eyed At The Bathing Pool
  6. Ounces
  7. The Grime Reaper
  8. Easojuly
  9. Proverbial Pine
  10. Carry On Dancing
  11. Precious Lord; We Have An Anchor