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Rexona logo 2015.png
Product type Deodorant/antiperspirant
Owner Unilever
Country Australia
Introduced 1969
Related brands Sure (UK and Ireland)
Degree (US and Canada)
Rexena (Japan)
Shield (South Africa)
Markets Worldwide
Previous owners Helene Curtis (Degree in US and Canada)

Rexona is a deodorant brand manufactured by British-Dutch company Unilever. While marketed under the Rexona name in most countries, it is known as Sure in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Degree in the United States of America and Canada, Rexena in Japan and Republic of Korea, and Shield in South Africa. In Norway, Lilleborg produces Sterilan using a similar formula.


It was developed in 1908 by an Australian pharmacist and his wife. The products are available in varying forms including as aerosols, pumps, roll-ons, sticks and creams.


In India, it was launched in 1947 as a rival to Hamam, then a Tata product, but now a part of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. As Hindustan Unilever already uses Rexona as a soap brand, the Sure brand was used instead for deodorants, as in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

TV sponsorship[edit]

United States[edit]

Degree is a brand of antiperspirant for men and women that is manufactured by Unilever. It comes in stick, gel, and spray forms. The "stick" form often comes with slogans pressed into the deodorant itself by the protective seal. For example, the "Cool Rush" variety comes with the slogan "Take The Risk". The Degree brand name was pioneered by Helene Curtis, which Unilever acquired in 1996.

Other Sure brands[edit]

In the U.S., Sure is an antiperspirant brand created by Procter & Gamble in 1972, marketed to both men and women. The brand is now owned by Helen of Troy Limited, which acquired the brand from Innovative Brands in March 2010. Innovative Brands, LLC, a portfolio company of Jahm Najafi Companies, had acquired the brand from Procter & Gamble in September 2006, after P&G had acquired Gillette.


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