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Country India
 • OfficialKannada
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Nearest cityHubli

Sureban is a village in Belgaum district of Northern Karnataka, India.[1] Usually the place is referred to as Sureban-Manihal(Manihal being the neighbouring village. They are separate villages, but in spirit are the same. Both the villages gather at the local 'Santhe(village fair)'.

The houses are mainly constructed with mud and wood(Pillars and rafters). The traditional mud houses exist even today, although a few houses have been converted to concrete. The ochre mud houses are a traditional local style.

Sureban is famous for its weavers' community. There are several local handlooms and powerlooms. Their sarees are famous for their checker and lines patterns. Locally made polycotton sarees are famous.

There are two communities. Devanga community(Vegetarians. Worship at the Banashankari temple) and the Jada community(Non vegetarians. Worship at the Chowdeshwari temple). Both of them belong to the weavers' community. They don't have any disputes among themselves, but inter-cast marriages do not happen.

The 'Santhe' happens on Tuesdays and Fridays. People gather at the market street and sell various items-fruits, vegetables, sweets, small toys, dresses, etc.

The formal name of Sureban is Shabari vana. A Shabari temple is located near to Sureban. The area is popularly known as 'Shabari Kola'. There is a belief that Shabari was waiting for Lord Rama in this place.


Primary schools in Sureban:

  • Pragati Vidyalaya School
  • Anupama School
  • Government school.

High schools in Sureban:

  • Shri Gurudev Atmanand Girls High School.
  • Shree Falahareshwar Boys High School.
  • Govt High school.

Colleges in Sureban:

  • Shree Falahareshwar PU and Degree college
  • Govt PU and Degree college

Sureban and Manihal are twin villages.


Shabari kolla is a favorite picnic spot nearby. It is located between the mountains around 3.0 km from Sureban village heading towards Ramdurg. We have Shabari mata's temple which is worshiped by all the people. It is a cool place with full of trees and two beautiful ponds beside the temple. People used to come to this place in summers to enjoy swimming in ponds. There is small pond connecting to the main pond. The speciality of this pond is, the water level is same all the time. Once you drink water here you feel drinking again and again, you will never be satisfied. Sureban is also the one among the few places in India where "ChithaBasma of Father of Nation Mahathma Gandhiji" has been kept. Manihal is famous for Shree Shivanand and Shree Atmand Swamiji's Ashrama.


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