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Surendar Valasai

Surendar Valasai (Sindhi: سريندر ولاسائي) (born 11 August 1968, near Kaloi, Tharparkar, Pakistan) is a Pakistani Dalit journalist.[1]

He worked as a journalist for English dailies like The Muslim, Daily News, Sindh Express, Financial Post, The Balochistan Express and as an Editor in Sindh Tribune. As of 2013 Valasai worked as Media coordinator of Bilawal House. He was appointed as Advisor on Minority Affairs to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party on 4 January 2014. On November 8, 2016, Surendar Valasai was appointed as Incharge Media Cell Bilawal House. Earlier, he was President of Sindh Peoples Students Federation SPSF Tehsil Diplo, Tharparker till 1990 when he joined journalism field.

Scheduled Castes Federation of Pakistan (SCFP)[edit]

Valasai formed the Scheduled Caste Federation of Pakistan (SCFP) to raise the issues of human inequality, untouchability and caste discrimination. Under the SCFP platform, he wrote hundreds of petitions and letters to the President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of Pakistan drawing their attention to the plight of Scheduled Castes tribes and particularly the Meghwal, Kolhi, Bheel, Bagdis, and Oads. His main emphasis was that since Pakistan did not subscribe to these social evils ideologically and spiritually, concrete steps were needed.


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