Surenen Pass

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Surenen Pass
The Blackenstock (left, 2930m, in front of Brunnistock, hidden) and the Surenen Pass (center), viewed from the west
Elevation 2,292 m (7,520 ft)
Traversed by Trail
Location Uri, Switzerland
Range Alps
Coordinates 46°50′11″N 8°32′45″E / 46.83639°N 8.54583°E / 46.83639; 8.54583Coordinates: 46°50′11″N 8°32′45″E / 46.83639°N 8.54583°E / 46.83639; 8.54583
Topo map swisstopo
Surenen Pass is located in Switzerland
Surenen Pass
Location in Switzerland
View from the pass looking towards the east

The Surenen Pass (German: Surenenpass) is a high mountain pass across the Urner Alps in the canton of Uri in Central Switzerland. The pass crosses the col between the Blackenstock (2915 m) and the Eggenmanndli (2448 m) peaks, at an elevation of 2,292 m (7,520 ft).[1]

The pass is traversed by a trail, which connects the village of Altdorf, in the canton of Uri (460 m (1,510 ft)), with the village of Engelberg, in the canton of Obwalden (1,000 m (3,300 ft)). The trail forms part of the Alpine Pass Route, a long-distance hiking trail across Switzerland between Sargans to the east and Montreux to the west of Switzerland.[1][2]

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